Loubilaque Lip Lacquer in Rouge Louboutin - Review

Loubilaque Lip Lacquer in Rouge Louboutin

Loubilaque Lip Lacquer in Rouge Louboutin - Review

The famous shoe god, Christian Louboutin, released his lip gloss line, Loubilaque. The line introduces 8 shades, each retail for $85. While the price might be a bit shocking for many, but this price point is pretty much justified since you are not only paying for a high-end quality item but also for the designer name.

Being expensive, however, doesn’t always mean that it’s good. Some controversy surfaced around this line as many influencers had different opinions.

Each lip gloss comes in a jewelry-like velvet box with a little hand-stitched silk pouch to easily carry the lip gloss in. The packaging aesthetic is extremely beautiful, it gives some gothic vibes. The bottle is designed with thick clear walls, that has carved intricate mermaid pattern.

The gloss was allegedly described as a “transformative dramatic lip lacquer to create a bold color with a high shine finish.” This line is supposed to be the most dramatic formula that Mr. Louboutin has released to date.

The Bikini shade is a beautiful soft shade of pink, more like a baby pink color. The fragrance is strong which might bother some with a heightened sensitive sense of smell. The applicator is kind of short but it doesn’t affect the application process. The finish is glossy and kind of wet.

Bengali is more of a hot pink shade, it’s very bright with a high shine glossy finish. However, it’s harder to apply and might come off more patchy and streakier than Bikini.

Akana is a beautiful nude brown shade with the same strong fragrance as the rest of the line. Just like Bengali, the pigment isn’t that impressive. The application is still streaky, but since it’s a nude shade, it’s a bit more forgiving than the others. However, you can try finessing the product and layering it to achieve the perfect satin finish.

Rouge Louboutin is the same shade of hot red that matches the iconic Louboutin red soles. Unlike the rest of the line, this shade comes in a slightly different package with red sides instead of gold.

The cap is also different, it’s a mix between silver and gold, instead of just gold. The color is stunning; the finish looks like red glass. The application process is easier than the previous two shades; it isn’t sticky or streaky.

Casanovella is more of a dark burgundy color. Since purples are harder to perfect, this shade is a lot streakier which makes the application process harder than usual. The shade idea is extremely beautiful, however, it takes time to reach the desired finish.

The formula isn’t consistent. For example, Bikini and Rouge have a lot of pigment. They apply beautifully without any effort. The finish is glossy and shiny with some sparkles. On the other hand, Akenana and Casanovella were streaky and harder to manipulate.

There is another drawback, the whole collection has a strong fragrance which might trigger allergies or some discomfort for people with a heightened sense of smell. The lip glosses live up to the expectations in terms of the satin finish and the dramatic colors.

Yet some shades needed to be more pigmented. This line is definitely collectible and you are also paying for the name. That being said, the price point is still unfair considering the multiple issues people had with these products. Overall, this line deserves 6 out of 10.

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