Kylie Lip Kit - Review

Kylie Lip Kit

Kylie Lip Kit - Review

Originally, the launch of Kylie Lip Kit only included six beautiful, mostly nude shades. Quickly after, Kylie Jenner released additional three shades followed by another three shades in a short period. Kylie’s lipsticks are usually sold for around $29 each for both the liquid lipstick and the lip liner included in the package.

In the past, people were able to get their hands on the lipsticks without having to buy the liners for a cheaper price. However, this is not an option anymore for the recent launches. There has been an ongoing controversy around the quality of Kylie’s products, especially her lipsticks.

While some people instantly fell in love with the kit quality, other people have faced some problems with it, as it has been inconsistent. The problem is, with influencers and other big names joining the beauty world, it is hard to reach a definite conclusion on whether their products actually work or they are just selling out because of their names. Therefore, it is better to stick to facts to know whether or not the product is worth your hard-earned money.

Let Us Take About the Packaging

There is nothing special about the packaging. It is a normal-looking black cardboard box. Yet Kylie added her touch with a small note and the classic “xoxo” that distinguished her brand since its start. Inside the box, there are smaller boxes for the actual products with just its logo of lips with dripping liquid lipstick. The packaging is minimal, which might upset some people who prefer extra-looking high-quality packaging, especially considering the product price point.

Lip Liners

What started with only six lip liners quickly turned into 20 awesome shades that suit different skin tones and satisfy different preferences and styles. Upon trying the lip liner for the first time, you can instantly notice how the creamy texture makes the application process much easier, even for makeup rookies.

Kylie managed to perfect the formula with a creamy finish that strikes a perfect balance between effortless swipes that do not leave your lips dry and still not so creamy that it gets wiped off with the first sip of water you take. The liners are made to be slightly darker than the liquid lipsticks’ shades. This simple trick goes a long way in giving you more defined-looking lips.

Liquid Lipsticks

The reason behind the controversy that has been going on around Kylie Cosmetics since the very first day is the consistent inconsistency of the products’ quality. Some shades work beautifully and provide you with an opaque finish that stays intact for long hours, while other shades, such as her popular Kourt K, are just streaky and poorly done.

The color of this shade was extremely pretty, yet it was streaky, which made the application process 10 times harder than it should be. Dirty Peach, on the other hand, is a beautiful peachy nude shade that can be applied and perfected with just a couple of dips and swipes.

It takes only a few seconds to dry completely, which is a huge plus point compared to other brands that you have to wait almost 5 minutes for your lips to completely dry.

Love Bite is another shade of this line that is on the darker side; it’s a dusty dark mauve color. The formula consisted of around 25% oil, which amped up the pigmentation game and can be noticed with the first swipe. The shade is smooth and glides on the lips. Such colors are perfect for fall and winter, as they give a more vibrant vibe that is definitely needed in the cooler months.

At first, the shade appears to be really shiny, but it turns into a beautiful matte mauve once it is completely dry. Even though darker colors are always harder to refine, but the formula was consistent with the first shade. Other shades such as Brown Sugar would not be suitable for every skin tone since it is more on the warmer side.

Personally, I think Dirty Peach and Love Bite were the highlights of the whole collection, but overall, I think Kylie’s Lip Kit deserves an eight out of ten for the formula and the shade choices.

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