Tatcha The Silk Canvas: Velvety Makeup Perfecting Primer

Tatcha The Silk Canvas: Velvety Makeup Perfecting Primer

Tatcha The Silk Canvas: Velvety Makeup Perfecting Primer

When Tatcha released their primer back in 2019, it made waves. Almost every beauty guru was using it and swear by it. Since Tatcha is a high-end cosmetics brand, its price point for the primer was exponentially high. The product retails for $52, and you get 0.74 Fl Oz. The package advises that a little goes a long way; you are supposed to only use a very tiny amount for the whole face.

The primer is also created without any harsh chemicals, so it’s safe to be used on your eyelids. The primer claims to create a second skin as a reference to how smoothly you can lay this out on our face.

Tatcha products, in general, have a signature immaculate scent; the primer isn’t any different. It smells like skincare products which makes a lot of people more comfortable using it. The product comes in a fancy-looking packaging that is rather laid out big and thin with a net weight of 20 grams.

Just like most high-end products, the primer comes with a cool small coin-shaped spatula that you can use for applying the primer without ruining your nails.

Even though it’s recommended to use a small amount, upon trying out the product, it rather melts into the skin, so you might feel that you need more to cover your whole face and neck. It feels very silky and soft which makes the texture feels more like a moisturizer than a primer.

However, after applying the foundation, if it has an oily base, you might notice that the primer slightly pills the foundation. Yet still, the formula offers so much to the skin more than just covering pores. The primer has some skin-care benefits; it literally has silk in it. These ingredients help your skin in the long run.

With Tacha products, you are not only paying for the quality, but you are also paying for the luxury skin-care brand. Overall, the product deserves 8 out of 10.

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