Kylie Skin Set by kylie jenner

Kylie Skin Set

Kylie Skin Set by kylie jenner

Kylie cosmetics usually focus on makeup. But lately, Kylie decided to join the competitive skincare world with her latest launch of the Kylie Skin line. Despite the fact that the products were sold out within a few hours of the launch, still, there was a lot of controversy around one particular product that people didn’t hold back from attacking even before they try it out.

The walnut face scrub revealed how Kylie shouldn’t be releasing skincare products since she is not an expert. Traditional walnut scrubs are knowing for having granules that could potentially harm the skin in different ways.

These harsh large particles can easily rip your skin open and lead to tiny tears. The resulted microtears are considered to be the perfect environment for fine lines and wrinkles. Since these microtears leave face pores “open”, then dirt and contamination could easily accumulate and cause the skin to breakout.

Besides the scrub that was sold for 22$, the kit included a face moisturizer for 24$, eye cream, and another eye serum with vitamin C that costs 28$ for 0.7 fluid ounces, makeup removing wipes, an alcohol-free vanilla milk toner for 22$, and finally, a foaming face wash for 24$.

The makeup remover wipes feel a little dry which might require time and some rubbing to take mascara and other stubborn makeup products off. This might lead to some irritation in sensitive skin types.

The foaming face wash is allegedly “infused with ultra-nourishing kiwi seed oil packed with vitamin E to help maintain moisture and elasticity”. It supposed to brighten skin complexion and remove dirt, oil, and makeup.

The fragrance might annoy some people who prefer their products to be completely natural without any added chemicals. However, after you use the product, you will notice that it doesn’t dry out the skin which proves that it doesn’t have many harsh chemicals.

The vanilla toner might be the best product in this kit. It does what it’s supposed to do in terms of removing any dirt or makeup left on your skin. It might be the only Kylie skin product that doesn’t irritate the skin.

The walnut scrub didn’t turn out to be a disaster like people expected. It didn’t contain chunky particles in the sense, the particles were a lot smoother than people thought it would be. When you first feel the formula and play with it, the particles might feel more like sandy, which isn’t so bad.

Scrubs are supposed to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and any imperfections your skin might have. However, many dermatologists advise on steering away from physical scrubs, generally, regardless of the size of their particles.

The moisturizer allegedly has blue light protection which protects your skin from emitted lights from laptops or mobile screens. This claim, however, can’t be proven even with regular use as it takes a lot longer to determine whether the product has really protected your skin or not.

The lotion is more suitable for oily skin as it doesn’t provide the same level of moisturizing you would want if you have dry skin.

Lastly, Jeffree Star pointed out that the packaging of the eye cream resembled, more than it should, another eye cream product from the well-known skincare brand, Tatcha. Many people have different opinions about whether this is considered to be straight up copying or Kylie just used Tatcha's product for “inspiration”.

The set, overall, deserves about 7 out of 10. The packaging is pink and pretty minimalistic. It’s basic and cute, so there was nothing that people had against the packaging. Overall, the price point for the Kylie set didn’t match how well the products work.

They are all pretty basic. The Kylie skin line also included some harmful additives such as fragrance that can easily spiral into ugly allergic reactions in sensitive skins. Regardless of many opinions, you might stumble upon on the internet, skincare products work in a more subjective manner where it might suit someone, while cause horrible reactions for others.

This is why it’s better to test out the materials before you decide whether they work for your skin or not.

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