Batman Begins - Movie Review

Batman Begins

Batman Begins - Movie Review

The age-old tale of a playboy turned vigilante is finally done justice with a great movie. Since the 40s, many directors and producers have tried on and on again to portray the depths of the comic book hero, Batman.

Yet, time and time again, whether it's due to lack of technology or lack of creativity, the movie falls short. With Batman Begins, the first of three movies created by director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan, the vigilante is portrayed with all his depth and even cool gadgets created by business manager and inventor, Lucius Fox played by Morgan Freeman.

Although hardcore comic book readers may have an issue with this movie given that it is a concoction of several Batman comics put together and Nolan’s imagination, the movie still manages to portray the essence of all that is Batman.

Played brilliantly by Christian Bale, Batman is shown to have the care of the vigilante seen in the comic books, as well as his anger and aggressiveness. The main two comic books that this movie can be seen to have derived from are Batman: Year One, which shows how and why the vigilante came to be, and some of the 70s comic books that featured mentor turned villain, Ra’s Al Ghul.

The film also features another villain we see in Batman: Year One, which is Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy.

The movie features him as a mere pawn in a much bigger ploy to burn down Gotham and Arkham City which we find out later on in the movie was created by Ra’s Al Ghul which we think at the beginning of the movie is Ken Watanabe but turns out to be Bruce Wayne’s previous mentor, Henri Ducard, played by Liam Neeson.

The movie overall is done really well, with great acting skills brought on from some of the aforementioned cast members as well as most notably, Michael Caine who plays Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s butler turned guardian after his parents were shot.

The movie does fall short however in some plotlines given that they are not explained to full effect throughout the movie. For example, earlier in the film, we find out that Ra’s Al Ghul wanted to burn down Gotham, but Bruce had met Ra’s in the Bhutanese prison in which he was held and continued to train with the League of Shadows.

It doesn’t become clear as to why of all places, Ra’s wanted to destroy the corruption in Gotham City unless it was part of a bigger plan, which was definitely not mentioned within the movie.

Besides small unknowns and some scenes that were skipped through instantly, the movie has the overall feel of the true Batman, especially with the help of brilliant composer, Hans Zimmer. The music and the action sequences really helped produce the dark mood of Gotham city and Arkham Island.

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