The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Review

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Review

The Dark Knight Rises, similar to its name, takes the Batman trilogy created by director Christopher Nolan, to much more elevated levels.

Nolan has transformed the movie from a mere comic book film to an emotionally powerful piece and ended with a movie that not only is thought-provoking, but it also makes the audience completely engrossed in the sequence of the movie.

With this movie, we get an ending to the trilogy that provides closure for the audience that was not expected to be quite this good.

Although this movie does not have the brilliant acting of the previous movie’s Heath Ledger, the overall editing and storyline of this movie, with its plot twists and character growth, is done extremely well.

Finding out that Miranda Tate is actually Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter – who also happens to be the actual villain throughout the movie, (spoiler alert!) is a great payoff for the climax.

Although Bane turned out to be a pawn throughout the movie, driven by none other than Talia herself, the movie was pretty centralized around him and his conflict with The Bat.

It is safe to say there are quite a few things that are confusing about this movie. We start it off with finding Bruce Wayne as a cripple, yet he had not been the Batman for the “past seven years” in the movie.

He apparently has no cartilage and walks around with a cane. A few minutes into the movie, Bruce decides to strap on a knee brace – similar to ones we see in the comic books – which helps him walk normally again and apparently make his legs super powerful… why had he not done that earlier?

Another question that audiences could be asking is the extent to which Alfred was completely against Bruce from returning to the shadows of Batman. We see in previous movies that he was one of the main contributing factors condoning him to see his actions as the Batman through, why the sudden change of mind?

With that said, we see a nod to not only the previous films but the comic books as well. For instance, we see the scarecrow back in action again as a pretty evil, judge. We also see a twist to the Robin from the comics appearing as a police officer whose middle name happens to be Robin -that was a cool twist.

Selina Kyle, aka Cat woman, not only makes an appearance but is one of the central characters in this movie. Even though the three movies were not directly taken from one or a maximum of two comic books, it still does them and their writers’ great justice.

Overall this movie takes a solid 8.5/10 just for the little discrepancies here and there, but regardless of those, it is definitely the ending we needed for this outstanding trilogy.

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