Big Fish - Movie review

Big Fish

Big Fish - Movie review

Based on the novel written by Daniel Walus, Big Fish is one of the most entertaining films in Hollywood’s history. It’s full of stories, beginnings, endings, magic, and humor. The 2003 film is directed by Tim Burton and starred by the great Ewan Mcgregor and Albert Finny who play Edward Bloom in his younger and older years. The film is mainly about a father and son, and their complex relationship, but in the middle of that, there’s a lot of fun.  

Edward Bloom’s son returns back home to spend more time and take care of his dying father whom he hasn’t been in contact with for years even though he talks to his mother all the time. Edward Bloom seemed like a social and lovable character throughout his life.

However, he has a habit of telling unbelievable stories, and as a son, grew up and tries to find out the truth about the exaggerations in his father’s stories that leaves him resentful for living a life of a lie. The film is like a metaphor for losing a parent or an important family member where nothing is left of them but all the cheesy stories we can share on a dining table in a family gathering. 

At the end of the film, we find out that the stories are what will keep his father’s memory. They’re all a gift of his life. The story starts with the son telling the story of Edward Bloom’s birth, the way his father tells it, which is a bizarre story of him bursting out of his mother’s womb and sliding on the hospital’s floor. We see him grow up and become the star of his town, playing football, basketball, and baseball at school. 

As he grows up, he meets a friend, Karl the giant, played by Mathew Mcregory and they stumble upon a town called Specter where they meet extraordinary characters along the way like a circus owner, played by the great Danny Devito; a blind witch that can show your death in her creepy eyes, and many others.

The shots in this film are fantastically wide, and effects were used to highlight certain feelings about particular characters or places throughout the film. 

The town of Specter was too good to be true in a creepy way that Edward felt like it’s not the place for him, this town could have been a metaphor for heaven. One of the cutest and most outstanding stories in this film is how he met the love of his life, Sandra. However, one of the biggest stories mentioned in the film is his story about the big fish he caught that brought him a wedding ring and good luck too.  

As the film ends and the son confronts his father, they have a deep conversation that would give the son closure and let him make peace with his father’s stories, and even takes part in it. It will also motivate him to try and find out if they were true. This is no ordinary film, it’s wonderful in so many ways.

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