The Contagion - Movie Review

The Contagion

The Contagion - Movie Review

This movie makes you nervous and gets you on the edge of your seat from the first ten minutes. It's amazing how Steven Soderbergh managed to create something so good and yet so terrifying at the same time. The movie is about a novel virus that the world has never experienced before and it shows you the aftermath of it spreading.

The movie shows you how fragile the human race is and how easily we can bring doom to ourselves. It takes you scene by scene of how a worldwide pandemic can start from something simple as not washing your hands. Anything that the infected person touches can spread the disease.

The movie mentioned it in a very interesting scene and called it Fomites, which is completely accurate too. Viruses tend to spread through physical contact or being close to the infected person.

Steven Soderbergh did an amazing job adding more accuracy to the details and the scenes, whether it's how fast it can spread, how it spreads, what the reactions are, the CDC and WHO involvement and the process they follow, and the panic that spreads too that makes people change and become too violent. The film is scary because it's so true and it happens in real life too.

I think they did an excellent job with the casting. Each actor/actress depicted their character extremely well and the jargon or terminology used is so relatable with what's happening in the world in the time of crisis or worldwide pandemics.

The sequence of the scenes and the music was just so eerie and dark, making it the perfect fit for the plotline of the movie too. Every scene had the right type of music and the soundtrack was just spot-on perfect to show you the horror of what's happening.

I think Steven Soderbergh is a genius for keeping that "Day 1" sequence/scene at the end of the movie. It gives you that shocking feeling that just made the movie a lot better. It was one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Overall, this rollercoaster ride of a movie is excellent, scary, and just poetically accurate. I strongly recommend that you see it if you haven't already.  

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