Bird Box - Movie Review

Bird Box

Bird Box - Movie Review

Apocalyptic movies have a special aura that makes us want to watch them no matter how many we have seen. Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic film produced by Netflix. It is an adaptation of a book by Josh Malerman. The movie opens with a woman on a boat with two children; a boy and a girl.

They were all blindfolded, and she was making sure that none of them remove the blindfold no matter what happens. Apparently, there is something all around them that messes with their minds once they see it and induces self-destruction. The movie is a series of back and forth scenes that will end up in the boat scene.

After that, we are returned to the pre-apocalyptic world with Malorie, who was played by Sandra Bullock, and her sister Jessica, who was played by Sarah Paulson. Malorie was pregnant, so she asked her sister to support her, and they went to the hospital.

They were hearing about the suicides in the news, but they thought that it is still far away from them. However, when they arrived at the hospital, people were already killing themselves. They barely made it out alive, however, on their way back, Jessica was stricken by the unknown entity in the air and induced a car crash.

Malorie survived and sought shelter in a house with other survivors. When they figured out that the creatures can hurt them only if they looked at them, they tried to survive this nightmare. We never got to know details about the horrific entity, and we didn’t get to see how it looked like either.

However, we would know that it will appear when the wind whooshed or the leaves scattered all around. It must have been nicer in the book because you get to imagine the danger rather than being blank on the screen. This is one of the reasons why the movie didn’t provide any jump-scares.

The movie also talked about motherhood and the terrifying fact of having children who may die any second. That’s why the kids were not given any names, but they were simply called boy and girl. Later on, we will know that the boy was her biological son, while the girl was the daughter of one of the survivors in the house.

She was called Cheryl, and her character was one of the weak points in the movie because they made the overweight character the weakest and kindest one. They made her look helpless and thinking that she is sensitive and won’t survive.

The director killed her off and made her jump out of the window leaving her daughter behind. This is a cliché, and writers should stop putting people of a certain weight in the category of the weak and helpless because it is offensive.

The choice of casts was great because Bullock is one of the greatest actresses out there. She portrayed a character that can turn from a simple person to a strong warrior who knew how to take good care of her family. She was supported by Rhodes, who played Tom, the love interest of Malorie.

The other characters had no strong presence, but they were there to show us how different people respond to the same crisis. Some will want violence, while others will show kindness to anyone in need. The movie represented many concepts, such as trust, love, fear, and sacrifice. Unfortunately, the film fell short sometimes when it tried to emphasize each aspect.

When it comes to the dialogue, it was unclear and messy. There were no strong sentences or words that would resonate with you for a while. Overall, it was weak and the ideas of the writers, if there were any, were not delivered correctly.

The movie had a happy ending when Malorie and the two kids arrive at a sanctuary where they can open their eyes without dying. Malorie didn’t believe that they can finally see the world again without fear. That’s when she decided to name the girl Olympia after her mother and the boy Tom after her late lover.

All in all, the movie wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. It deserves a watch, but it wouldn’t have made it on the big screen. You may fall in love with motherhood in this film because it is one of its strongest features. The flashbacks gave the movie a stronger suit and kept the audience thrilled. If you have some time on your hands, watching Bird Box isn’t a bad idea.

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