Good Will Hunting - Movie Review

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting - Movie Review

This film reflects so many points about drama, love, pain, and ambition. The Oscar-winning film, Good Will Hunting, is one that is full of performances and great scenes that you will not be able to forget.

Although this was the first for Matt Damon and Ben, they did not just star along with outstanding actor Robin Williams, Stellan Skarsgard, and Rachel Majorowski, they also wrote it. Van Gus Stan is the director who was a dream come true for Matt and Ben. 

The storyline features one of the best-written characters in the history of cinema. Matt Damon plays Will who’s a good kid that grew up in a not so good environment, and so he was surrounded by not so good friends.

There’s a relationship between him and Shawn (Robin Williams), his therapist whom Shawn tries to help. But, Will and Shawn find out that each one of them needs help just as much as everybody else, which creates a father and son bond. 

There’s another bond in this film, the bond between him and his best friend (bro) Ben Affleck, Chucky, one of the best relationships written and performed ever. The easy romance but hard relationship Will has with Krystyn is just so well written and great, it will blow your mind. The relationships in this film are very real, and the scenes are just very smart, you will definitely fall in love with it right away. 

The opening of the film starts with showing that he has a gift; a gift he is not able to use for his own benefit or that of the world because of the environment he grew up in. Gus Van Sant uses the perfect camera angles and real earthy colors to display this beautifully written masterpiece about abandonment and abuse. 

Will is so smart, he analyzes Shawn’s pain from a painting he has in his office and so starts a provoking conversation with his therapist. He gets a girl that is totally out of his league by outrunning a college smart ass at a bar, but he’s too afraid to do anything, broken, haunted by his past life and painful memories. 

The dialogue and actors’ performances are just flawless. They do things very simply, but leave a huge impact on the story, the entire film, and us, as the audience. 

We later find out that Will is full of insecurities and pain from being an orphan and getting abused by foster families around him. 

This film is about vulnerability and that is what’s being mostly discussed in this film; it wants to motivate us to go through experiences that we’re afraid of, no matter what we’re afraid of, whether it’s being fearing people’s judgements, getting hurt, or losing loved ones.

It’s a simple film, but the beauty of it lies in how strong the characters are and how they develop to get better. It’s a film about pain but it will make you feel good if that makes sense! 

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