The Green Mile - 1999 - Movie Review

The Green Mile - 1999

The Green Mile - 1999 - Movie Review

As cinephiles, there are a few things everyone agrees on. This is due to the wide range of intricacies within a film that appeals uniquely to each and every one of us. To elaborate, few movies are as universally highly regarded as Frank Darabont’s, The Green Mile.

The movie’s title is a literal representation of the movie’s plot, which takes place in a penitentiary facility for inmates on death row. The execution chambers are a mile away from the prisoners’ cells, hence the name, The Green Mile.

Tom Hanks plays the role of Paul Edgecomb, the head guard of the prison whose life is changed drastically after having met John Coffey, the newest prisoner committed with the murder of two girls.

With more than 3 hours of running time, the storyline might seem a bit overwhelming, but there isn’t one minute of unnecessary stretching of the plot within these three hours, Unlike most movies, The Green Mile doesn’t have a single theme and tone illustrated throughout the movie.

John Coffey is an African American who is unfairly put on death row, and on top of that, he is blessed with superpowers granted from God. The relationship that Paul, along with the other guards and prisoners, have with Coffey, branches out to even the most trivial details in the story.

This helped create a movie with numerous themes and talking points. It is filled with racial, mystical, romantical, and dramatical undertones all over. 

You will start The Green Mile, taken aback by how young Tom Hanks is, and also by the fact that he gave such an impeccable performance. That being said, the movie will leave you in an emotional daze similar to ones found in psychedelic substances' come down.

It is one of those movies that will have you staring out of your window for hours after it’s over, in an attempt to destabilize the heightened emotional state you will be left with.

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