Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Movie Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Movie Review

More heart wrenching than ever, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” takes a much darker turn than previous movies. With the fifth movie having little charming bits here and there, like the fireworks scene, or when Umbridge was taken away by the centaurs, the sixth movie is lacking in that aspect.

Yet, it is definitely not a disheartening issue or something that turned the fans off from the movie. As the audience is growing up, it seems as though the movie and the characters are growing up and maturing as well. Compared to possibly the first movie, when there were “monsters under the bed”, with this movie, there are full-on demons everywhere. 

The movie starts with Harry and Dumbledore standing in the Ministry of Magic, right where the fifth movie ends, while surrounded by flashing cameras and reporters. It then moves on to one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts in any Harry Potter movie, when Dumbledore starts magically fixing Horace Slughorn’s (ex-professor at Hogwarts) house.

Dumbledore then asks Slughorn to return to Hogwarts even though he had most probably quit after learning of the demise of one of his favorite students, Harry’s mother. It is also possible that he may have quit after knowing that one of his other students turned out to be the book’s greatest villain: Lord Voldemort.

During the movie, Harry, in his Advanced Potion Making class takes a book signed by the Half-Blood Prince, which has instructions and spells that help him throughout the movie. It also happens to be the book that nearly killed Draco Malfoy, his long-standing enemy throughout the movies.

He and his new love interest, Ron’s sister Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) decide to hide the book for his sake. We move on to closer to the end of the movie when it gets darker and darker, and we see our favorite Hogwarts headmaster being murdered.

This is done by nonother than Snape himself as he had sworn the unbreakable vow to Draco’s mother that he would be the one to kill Dumbledore if Draco had failed. 

Although the movie did not introduce a plethora of new actors, there are new performances whether from a new character or just an upgrade from previous characters. Luna Lovegood played by Evanna Lynch continues to dazzle the audience with her charm.

Alan Rickman who plays Severus Snape goes above and beyond his acting in previous movies. Most notably, Michael Gambon completely alters his style of acting as he goes from a hyper all over the place Dumbledore, to a much calmer one like the one played by Richard Harris. The movie is also matched by more somber music, which is truly outstanding and fits the narrative perfectly. The movie takes an overall 8.5/10.

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