Mr. Robot - Season 2 - Review

Mr. Robot - Season 2

Mr. Robot - Season 2 - Review

After Fsociety’s succeeded in releasing all E-corp’s data into the public, the story picks up again, with Elliot trying to control himself, after finding out that Mr. Robot is not real and that that he has a DID, he keeps himself away from everything related to Fsociety, which then immerses the audience once again to the inner workings of Elliot’s mind.

Once again, we get to see things from his unique perspective and enjoy seeing the bleak world of Mr. Robot from Elliot's lenses, while a new enemy emerges. Mr. Robot does not downgrade from all the elements that made season 1 great and follows up on its footsteps, never failing to disappoint. Sam Esmail proves that he has a wealth of plot twists with the shocking revelations we get to see on Season 2.

The second season begins with Elliot relegating himself from his past life to his abusive mother’s house. he also restricts himself to a rigid schedule and befriends a new character, Leon, who later saves his life. All of this was in an attempt to escape the existence of Mr. Robot, who keeps pestering him about needing to go back to Fsociety.

Eventually, after running into trouble, Elliot lets it out to us that he hasn’t been staying with his mom and that he is in prison. Another hacker group, the Dark Army, was keeping tabs on Elliot and he later finds out that Mr. Robot, his other personality, was plotting with them behind his back.

At the end of the season, we figure out that the Dark Army was actually controlling a lot of projects inside E-corps and one of them was the one that killed Elliot’s father.

The focus was slightly shifted towards the outside world instead of Elliot, but it was for the purpose of furthering the story and leading the audience to figure out that Elliot is way out of his depth.

That way, the audience has no choice but to believe that he is no match for the Dark Army’s leader White Rose, but because Elliot’s inner conflicts were much more interesting than watching other events, like how Angela was coping while working for E-corps, a rating of 8.5 out of 10 is well deserved.

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