Mr. Robot - Season 4 - Review

Mr. Robot - Season 4

Mr. Robot - Season 4 - Review

After Elliot has reversed his hack from season 1, he refuses to speak the audience the way he used to in the previous seasons. In fact, he lets Mr. Robot do the talking, who, as you’ve probably guessed it, is mean and grumpy. Elliot is angry and is deadset on bringing Whiterose down.

His work is diligent now that he and Mr. Robot are using the abandoned building of Allsafe as their headquarters. However, unlike the classic fight between good and evil, the show excels once again in bringing yet another revelation to light about Elliot’s past that shocks the audience and the critics alike. Even more, the last 3 episodes brought another plot twist that couldn’t have ended the show on a high note.

The remaining characters, along with Elliot and his sister Darlene, try to bring down Whiterose by knowing where her money is kept, which is revealed to be in the Cyprus National Bank, so they formulate a plan to break into the building and hack the servers.

The episode is a great example of how artfully this show depicted hacks. Not a word was uttered throughout the episode apart from the few words we see on Elliot or Darlene’s phone.

Later, the dark army figures out what Elliot and Darlene have done and try to hunt them down, but Elliot is kidnapped by Fernando Vera, the drug dealer back from season 1, who did an astounding performance in episode 7. This episode is probably one of the best episodes of all time, as it was filmed in a sequence of acts, just like a play.

Though Vera kidnapped Elliot so he can make him work for him, the scene instantly turns into a therapy session and Elliot finds out that Mr. Robot was keeping information from him about his childhood to protect him. The episode ends with the breakdown of Elliot and the real purpose of Mr. Robot’s existence is once again revealed, which is to protect him.

This episode, along with the last one, probably ranks as the highest-rated episodes of Mr. Robot, as everything from the cinematography to the soundtrack was executed perfectly.

This is probably the closure that all of us weren’t expecting but needed nevertheless. The events once again circulated around Elliot’s true identity and his DID, which play a huge role in the story eventually.

Esmail probably knew that there are multiple working theories (most of them were sci-fi) of what Whiterose’s actual plans are and he made use of these theories to mislead the audience once again oas to what the truth was. There were also the small details, like the time stopping at the same time (11:16), and because all four seasons take place in the span of 2015, they make sure not to upgrade smartphones, gadgets, etc. to models that are newer than the models of 2015.

Esmail’s attention to detail, including the easter eggs the peppered the TV show, showcased how he is dedicated to his work, and made the fourth season of Mr. Robot immensely enjoyable and deserving of a 10 out of 10 ratings.

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