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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Movie Reviews

Ready Player One is one of the most iconic movies ever created. It was beautifully directed by Steven Spielberg and I believe it's one of his best movies to date.

This amazing gaming movie is packed full of wonderful effects, intriguing storylines, excellent visuals, and epic music. They did an amazing job with the casting, as every player was portrayed superbly...

I liked how we get to see the real world and the gaming world, seeing how the main characters might perceive it as their real-world because they want to escape their own world due to too much pain.

This notion is so relatable on so many scales and I think Spielberg did a great job linking it in his movie. We can emphasize with Wade most of all because he's living in a humble and low-income place in town. You could say he's living in the slums and he wishes nothing but to leave that area.

The movie shows you how people might fall for each other's avatar, thinking that it's the real person. But we've seen how different the real person can be. This is accurate for how a lot of gamers react today.

The movie revolves around the world called OASIS and it was created by the genius mastermind Halliday. Since this man and creator had no family or heir that can inherit his possessions, world, and fortune, he created a special tournament of sorts that has engaging trials and difficult riddles to solve for one special winner to have it all.

I enjoyed every moment and couldn't believe the amount of pop culture and gaming references that were included in the movie. It made it so much better and exciting to watch. It's the little things like that along with the excellent writing, brilliant drama and action, beautiful CGI and special effects, and smart hidden Easter eggs for the viewers that made this into a masterpiece.

I loved the parts with Shining references. I thought it was so hilarious and creepy at the same time. But the best part of the movie has to be Wade's speech at the end to get all the players to join him in one final epic battle.

Overall, I think Steven Spielberg did a remarkable job and I was hooked from the first minute of watching this. I recommend that everyone should watch this enthralling movie and see for themselves just how good it really is. I give it a 5/5 easily and it deserves all the praise in the world.

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