Her - Movie Review


Her - Movie Review

It’s no ordinary science fiction film. Directed and written by Spike Jonz, and starring Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, Scarlette Johansson as Samantha, Her, is a beautiful film. It promotes a vision of a luxurious, easier, near future that definitely feels real to all of us with Theodore in it as a lost human being, and Samantha is the voice of some sort of AI OS operating system.

Samantha can do about everything you would imagine and hope Siri could do, including suggestions, help you get dates, listens, reads and writes emails and messages, and grows the more you use it and allows it to grow. 

The film discusses an interesting idea, the evolving relationship between humans and technology, and how it might be able to provide us with exactly what we want if we allow it to.

The film also showcases the power of technology in helping us, humans, understand what we need if we listen closely, which will mostly be further from it and more present in the real painful world we put ourselves in.

Joaquin is an outstanding actor who can really inhabit characters and make them relatable and extremely real, and Scarlette has managed to make us believe that she is real even though she was just the voice of the operating system.

The humor in this film is also surprisingly good, as well as the ironic scenes that are just extremely entertaining. 

Theodore, who is a lonely man, buys this new operating system and picks a female voice for it then picks Samantha to be her name. Theodore is lonely, isolated, and living with memories of his previous relationship.

Samantha somehow gives his life a little bit of purpose. After all, she does everything for him, sounds incredibly hot and they start to truly form a complex relationship and depth to how invested they get into the relationship. It’s alluring how we get to watch them grow throughout their relationship as it expands and changes. 

Everything about this film is great, the colors, the futuristic, yet very old fashioned clothes. The cast was terrific, even the smaller roles were played by actors and actresses like Amy Adams (Amy) and Chris Brad Paul; and the music was remarkable.

Spike Jonz has done an outstanding job making this film, because making a love story is something but to connect emotions and show the decaying of a relationship where only one person available, is something else. 

The techniques in which this film was shot play an important role in delivering this emotional journey. We follow Theodore throughout the whole film, giving importance to this character and really putting yourself in his shoes is just amazing.

We look at life from how he experiences it. He has managed to deliver high-concept tech-existential ideas that the film takes you through, what love means for us, or what purpose does the world give to our lives. Watch this film because it’s no ordinary love story. Highly recommended. 

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