The Departed - Movie review

The Departed

The Departed - Movie review

Another one of Martin Scorsese's excellent directorial works. The Departed was interesting, thrilling, and kept you on the edge of your seat. But there was some sadness in it that I found to be somewhat unsettling. 

The story had numerous characters that you just wanted to know more about. But the movie was centered on an undercover cop named Billy Costigan who becomes a mole in the mafia, infiltrating the Irish gang in the movie.

And another person named Colin Sullivan who's a dirty cop for the mob. They both try to one-up each other and do their best to help who they work for. You got crime, action, violence, suspense, good storytelling, and an excellent set of characters.

I felt very sad for Billy because being a spy for the mob looked scary and he literally felt like he was going to die at any moment. The movie showed you his hardships and struggles and yet he proved to be a smart spy that knew what to do and what to say flawlessly.

To the point that the big mob boss Frank Costello believed and trusted him more than anyone else. The tragedy is that even though Billy was honored at the end, he didn't survive to live his life normally again. He did get some sort of payback thanks to Sergeant Dignam though. I was satisfied with that ending and it felt like justice.

I think the events of some parts of the movie were portrayed too quickly, the lives of Billy and Colin were just too rushed and you just saw glimpses of it. But the sequence carried on nicely and I loved the special type of camera angles taken with each scene.

Each sequence was perfectly made and there is no doubt that it was because of Martin Scorsese's genius ideas and creativity. I found the accents pretty memorable and funny sometimes. Each actor and actress pulled their own weight and showed us an excellent performance.

The music was nice and it had eerie moments. Overall, the songs they chose along with their soundtrack were great and they made some pretty nice choices.

I believe Martin Scorsese will always have something up his sleeve and he will always amaze us with his wonderful films. This action-packed crime thriller deserves a 10/10 and I enjoyed every minute watching it. I highly recommend that you watch it too.

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