Forrest Gump - Movie Review

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump - Movie Review

This is probably one of my all-time favorite childhood movies and it was even better seeing it recently as an adult. I got to understand parts that I didn't appreciate before and I managed to see the creativity and talent of Robert Zemeckis.

It's such a beautiful cliché but the movie really was like a box of chocolates because you had everything and you didn't know what was going to happen next.

The story is about a man named Forest who was a little bit too innocent since he was a little boy. He doesn't understand many things and some people accuse him of being dumb or stupid, but honestly, I think he's smarter than people think.

You get to see his journey from childhood till adulthood and even though he has a low IQ, he was a war hero, shrimp boat captain, a businessman, a millionaire, an athlete, and a national celebrity. I felt like if someone had a low IQ and managed to do all of that, then this must be one smart and kind-hearted person and far from stupid. 

Forest did a lot of things but he adored running most. It calmed him down and his running antics caused a movement that shook the entire country. I loved how everyone was affected by it, even though it was just some dude running. 

I liked how the movie had some historic parts in it, whether it was the war in Vietnam or what happened to some of the US presidents. But it gave the movie a nice little twist showing us how Forest was part of different events in history.

Each scene was great and I loved the aspect of Forest telling the story and narrating every part. It was a nice little touch on how he told the entire story of his life on the bench waiting for the bus. Every sequence felt smooth and I thought each angle was nicely done. I loved the fact that the music and soundtrack fit each scene and they chose some very nice songs along with their own.

After everything he's been through, he still loved his childhood sweetheart Jenny and he even had a baby boy with her. I loved his relationship with Lieutenant Dan and his friend Bubba; they've been through a lot together. I really loved seeing how he treated his mom and I thought it was sweet how he took care of her all these years. 

Tom Hanks did a wonderful job bringing this character to life and I grew attached to Forest and the people in his life. I can't decide which part was my favorite because there were just so many!

Overall, this movie is just spectacular and you should definitely see it. You need to see it again even if you've watched it years ago. This is a 10/10 movie that deserves all the praise and rewards it got.

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