Unbreakable - Movie Review


Unbreakable - Movie Review

There is no denying that superhero movies have been an essential part of cinematic experiences for all of us. They are a guaranteed success due to the countless eye-grabbing sequences in them; the depiction of good vs evil, usually romance, and not to mention the familiar sense of lightheartedness that usually comes with such films.

They are movie producers' bread and butter because of how high the return on investment for them is. That being said, the fact that they’re so commercial can hinder these movies' overall artistic lure. This is usually because the director is trying to capture an already published story or comic.

However, when M. Night Shyamalan writes his own superhero screenplay, directs it and gets Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson to star in it; you’re in for a special treat.

Unbreakable is the unique take on the superheroism notion. Despite it being so mysterious, on the verge of supernatural, it is probably one of the most realistic movies on the subject.

Interestingly, it has a resemblance with John Travolta’s Phenomenon, in the sense that an out of the blue mysterious event gave a normal person increased intelligence/strength.

The story revolves around the somewhat timid life of a security guard named David, who survived a near-death experience, and emerged a superhero. Leading on the notion that every formidable warrior for good has an equally opposing villain.

Samuel really does show a stroke of brilliance in his portrayal of Elijah Price, or Mr. Glass, whose ingeniousness is matched only by his desire for destruction.

To an extent, Unbreakable can’t be dubbed a superhero movie, explicitly. If it were, it would be a rather unappealing one. The slow pace, the subliminal message, and the overall artistic vibe don’t quite fall in line with what is considered to be a commercial superhero flick.

Should you decide to watch it under the pretense that it is anything related to movies Marvel’s or DC’s, then you might be in for a disappointment. Nevertheless, this movie is a must-watch, not only because it is good, but because it is only the beginning -Chapter 1 of a three-chapter story.

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