Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Limited Edition Galaxy Palette

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Limited Edition Galaxy Palette

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Limited Edition Galaxy Palette

Rihanna dropped the new Galaxy Collection, and it became the new hottest topic in the beauty world. This Holiday Collection gave Fenty its moment with three featured holographic lip glosses, three metallic and glittery eyeliners, four shades of lipsticks, the Galaxy palette, and a brand new eyeshadow brush.

The limited-edition Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette specifically stole the show with a metallic packaging that has an oil-slick feel to it and 14 “hyper-reflective phenomenal with infinite new dimensions” shades.

The palette shined with its unique galaxy alien theme. Rihanna has been shaking up the beauty world with her releases of different Fenty products which all had the aspiration for inclusivity in common.

The line is meant to take every skin tone in perspective regardless of the product released. Darker tones can still find a matching foundation shade with a variety of warm highlighters to go with different makeup looks. 

For $59, you get 0.56 oz. of 14 star-dusted glittery shades which allegedly are designed to accessorize any eye look to support the same “Beauty for All” slogan Fenty has carried throughout this collaboration.

The palette has sheer, sparkly topcoats with smoky, shimmer-drenched hues. These shades aren’t designed to be intensively pigmented with the first brushstroke, they should give you a sheer smokey finish. However, you can always build up the product to reach the intensity level you want.

The colors are absolutely breathtaking and the sheer formula that gives you a chance to build up the product to achieve the exact look you have in mind are two of the most important plus points this palette has.

After using the Galaxy palette limited edition, you will come to realize that executing glittery shades using a dry powdery formula isn’t the smartest idea as these finishes will never work well dry. This might be the only annoying problem you will struggle with while using this palette. However, you can avoid this issue by wetting the brush with your setting spray to intensify the pigment. 

This limited edition had a cool concept of ensuring inclusivity for all skin tones. However, this one flaw of combining glittery shades with dry formula might be a deal breaker for some due to the high fall out. This is why this palette deserves overall a 7 out of 10.

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