James Charles Makeup Palette - Morphe

James Charles Makeup Palette - Morphe

James Charles Makeup Palette - Morphe

Despite the controversy that sparked around James Charles, the palette still sold out within 5 minutes of the launch. However, if you have been following the beauty world for a while, you probably know that this doesn’t mean anything.

To accurately determine whether the palette is worth your hard-earned money or not, we need to thoroughly go through the main advantages and disadvantages. This will give you an idea of whether you should add this palette to your collection or you are better off without it.


At the first glance, the palette shows its true “colors”; it is not your average palette. When you first open the packaging, you find a picture of James with a magnificent and pretty bold eye look that shows that this package is full of bright colors.

This might be a huge disadvantage for anyone who prefers subtle everyday makeup looks. However, for a beginner who wants to play around with different colors and create creative eye looks, this would be the perfect palette for them. The design aligns with many Morphe palette except for the special James Charles’ shiny logo and note.

The Color Scheme

Just as mentioned, the color scheme for this palette is designed to offer something for everyone. If you are into a colorful eye look, you will find a variety of bright colors to play around with. If you are more into smokey eye look and nude colors, you will find two lines of colors dedicated to these preferences.

This palette offers an extremely beautiful balanced mix of matte colors and exactly 12 shimmers. There is a balance between inner corners’ highlighters, matte colors for different looks, transition colors, neutrals, and many more bright colors. It has everything a young makeup artist might need.

When this palette first got released, there was a huge controversy about the launch video as many people claimed that James went over the swatches twice. However, it’s well known that eyeshadows work differently on the eyelids compared to how they look when swatched on hands.

To test the colors and their pigment, we need to put the palette to an actual test. Another point to bear in mind is that despite the controversy and some patchy colors, the majority of the palette colors did swatch pretty nicely.

The Real Test

When you first give this palette a try, you will instantly notice that there is inconsistency regarding how the colors work on your eyelids. For example, the shade Bee is extremely crumbly compared to other shades in the same palette. It’s a beautiful mustard yellow shade with extreme vibrancy, yet it makes a huge mess when you try to finesse it.

Love That is another matte shade that is also extremely crumbly with insane fall out even if it’s only swatched. Some shades such as Social Blade didn’t swatch nicely at all, but when they are applied on eyelids, they work effortlessly. Pinkity Drinkity is another shade that seemed buildable as it didn’t swatch as nicely, but when you put it to test, it still looked very sheer and low pigmented on eyelids.

James Charles created this palette so that in his own words, “you can create anything”. This was the main concept behind the color scheme. Even though the concept is unique, creative, and extremely practical for both makeup lovers and artists, still the results were disappointing.

You can definitely create any makeup look you want with this palette. However, the pigment, formula, and finishing touches might fail you. The shades were released with the claim that they are super pigmented, but we have a few shades such as Tune and Pinkity Drinkity that can easily prove otherwise.

The shimmers, on the other hand, are extremely beautiful. James Charles and Morphe really excelled at making the shimmers contained in this palette. Other than the stunning colors, the pigment and formula really held their ground when put to the test.

Overall, this palette deserves a seven out of 10. For starters, the palette’s concept and color scheme are unparalleled. Many beautiful shades are easy to apply and play with, but many shades didn’t work as well as the others and resulted in extreme fallout and messiness.

The inconsistency throughout the palette might throw many people off. However, the palette surely succeeds in inspiring many makeup lovers and artists to start trying something new outside their comfort zones.

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