Benefit Cosmetics Products Review

Benefit Cosmetics Products

Benefit Cosmetics Products Review

Buying your everyday makeup can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to find a balance between budget-friendly and quality brands. Benefit Cosmetics is kind of the perfect balance between those two things. It is not a luxury brand, but it is surely a reputable one.

In the world of budget-friendly retail makeup that you can wear on your everyday endeavors, Benefit can be perfect. They have a wide range of products on offer that you can choose from when you are on the hunt for some new items in your makeup bag.


For starters, the packaging used on pretty much all the Benefit products would be the first thing to catch your eyes. It is quite colorful and sparky, which can be seen as pretty girly and fun. It does not exactly scream fancy or luxurious quality, but it does give the impression that whatever is inside that package is of sound quality regardless.


When it comes to the contents of the packaging themselves, one of the most popular Benefit cosmetics products is their brow pencil. There are several sizes to the pencil for people to choose from depending on their personal preferences and the shape of their brows. Those who like to paint their brows thick and go for a bold strong look, often choose the Brow Microfiiling Pen or the Goof Proof Pencil.

Both options would be perfect for those with wide thick brows. However, for those with thin brows or those who are not so sure about how to paint their brows perfectly just yet, the Precisely pencil would be a perfect choice. There are also several brow gel shades that can add a volumizing layer to your overall look. 


One of Benefit’s other bestselling products is their bronzer. It is one of their oldest products, and for many people, it is the ultimate go-to for finishing looks and contour. The popular Hoola bronzer is known for how well it blends, giving your face an even faint tan that looks natural enough with a little pigment of elegance.

The product has six shades and is selling quite well among those with darker tones. Those with fair skin sometimes complain that the pigment is too dark or too orange for them. However, a newer version of the product named Hoola Bronzer Lite is made specifically for those who seek lighter tones and a faux bronze touch.


Moving on to the highlighter range the brand has on offer, the formulations are not as popular, but they are good enough. The highlighters come in cream, liquid, and powder form. They are not so great on darker skin tones, but they can be a perfect match for those with fair skin.

The liquid pack, High Beam, gives a bit of a pink pigment, whereas the Sun Beam pack gives more of a golden shade that can just about fit medium-toned skin. The Dandelion Shy Beam also comes in liquid form and is quite similar to the other packs, except it is a little more matte. That is great for festival looks, but other than that, using it every day can be a little extra.


Since the first step of wearing makeup is putting on some primer, it only makes sense that Benefit’s primer is one of their best seller products. The POREfessional Face Primer is silicone-based and can give you average coverage of pores with a nice matte finish.

It is a good base to have right before you use your foundation and can give you a glowing satin look after you finish the whole look. It is not the best when it comes to covering your pores entirely and protecting your skin. However, it is pretty good for its price range, and you can use it when you are transitioning between products or trying your hands at new makeup techniques.

The ultimate question you should always ask yourself before investing in new cosmetics products is if it worth it or not. With Benefit cosmetics, each product is different. But as a general idea, they are all average and budget-friendly. You would not have to worry about damaging your face, as the quality is pretty good and light on the skin. However, it might not be for every skin tone, so make sure you do some swatch tests at the shop before buying any shade to see if it would work for you.

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