Olay Daily Facials for Clean Sensitive Skin - Review

Olay Daily Facials for Clean Sensitive Skin

Olay Daily Facials for Clean Sensitive Skin - Review

I have sensitive skin and finding a make-up remover and a quick cleanser that doesn’t irritate my skin is hard. However, one day I came across, Olay Daily Facials, they had us test them out at some pharmacy across the street and they felt amazing! They do not irritate my skin nor give me rashes.

They don’t leave my face dry and my skin feeling like it’s going to fall off. They actually feel refreshing, and it makes your face very clean after using them. 

Most similar cotton pads dry out and this product’s packaging is not the best, to be honest. However, you would not have to worry about them drying out because you can activate them underwater, which is fantastic.

They feel like a facial cream cleanser, but they wipe off your make-up real quick, and you can use them to refresh your face or remove sunscreen or just give your face a quick cleanse on a very hot day or after using a mask.

They’ll moisturize your skin and wipe off everything very gently. The only problem I have with them is that you can’t use them on your eyes, so my eye makeup (which is usually the hardest to remove) gets to stay the same until I am done with the rest of my face which is a bit annoying, to be honest. It’s soap-based, so if you decide to go ahead and use it on your eyes, it will leave you with very bad eye irritation and redness.

I’d recommend this product if you do not have sensitive eyes and if you want a makeup remover that is solid and you can depend on. It would also be great if you travel a lot because it does the job of 5 other products all in one.

It keeps your skin soft, moisturizes it, cleans it, and removes your make up, all at once. It smells amazing, and gets all bubbly when you use it so you definitely will not regret it. 

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