A Good Year - Movie Review

A Good Year

A Good Year - Movie Review

The feel-good movie, A Good Year, directed by Ridley Scott, is set between London and Provence with a romantic and cultural theme. Russell Crowe plays Max Skinner, a successful investor living in his fancy London world when he gets a phone call that his uncle has died and that he inherited a vineyard in Provence. He makes the decision to take a trip to Provence to sell the place, yet little did he know, his whole life was about to change during that trip.

Once Max gets to the vineyard, he starts reminiscing about all of those summer holidays he had spent at his uncle’s house in Provence after his parents died in an accident.

As he goes around the French vineyard, he bumps, quite literally, into his childhood friend and first love, Fanny, played by Marion Cotillard. Little by little, they rekindle their love and Max considers settling in his passed uncle’s house. 

Max’s uncle, Henry, played by Albert Finney, dedicated his entire life living in that vineyard to making quality wine, one of the best known in the region. When Max hires an expert to check the vine trees, he is told that they are no good and that he would be better off selling the place. Confused by all of his feelings, Max takes some time before reaching a decision.

After a while of staying in the chateau with Fanny nearby, and listening to all those who lived and worked in the vineyard through the years, Max decided to not give up on Henry’s dream and to settle in France with his new love.

The romantic story is based on a novel by Peter Mayle and sheds light on part of the French culture resembled in the vineyard’s wine and food. The charming movie set and the plot that comes to life with the emotional acting leaves viewers longing to visit France and to experience these spirits themselves. It is one of Russell Crowe’s greatest masterpieces and a perfect role for Marion Cotillard.

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