Silver Linings Playbook - Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook - Movie Review

This film is based on a book written by Mathew Quick and directed by David O. Russel as a dark comedy, romantic, and unique film. It’s starred by the extraordinary, Bradley Cooper and the amazing Jennifer Lawrence; and you just wouldn’t imagine anyone else playing these roles. They both add complexity and effective intense emotions to the storyline and the beautifully written screenplay.

This film reflects the broken side of our society, something that we usually hide from one another. Something that our parents encourage us to hide so the world can see the perfect individuals we are.

And the family in this film is Bradley’s parents, played by Jacki Weaver and the great Robert De Niro, who will make you smile and giggle every time they’re on the screen, even though you still feel their suffering with how they struggle with their son and life problems.

The story beings with Pat Solatano getting out of a mental institution. We, soon after discovering that he has been admitted there because of an act of violence that he did, as a result, a reason we do not really become sure of.

Because Pat is bipolar, he has been like that his whole life without noticing until his situation got worse. His ex-wife, Nikki, has a restraining order against him, but now that he is out and feeling all better - or so he believes because he’s actually doing worse in real life - thinks that this will be the least of his problems because he will follow the steps, do the right things, and win her back.

I love the first scene with him reading Nikki’s school syllabus and getting frustrated with an ending to one of the stories that he wakes his parents up and tosses it out of the window, casually.

Since he’s back, a friend of his, Ronnie and his mean wife Veronica, invites him for dinner. And there he meets, Tiffany, who crashes the dinner and bullies Pat in a way he did not appreciate at all.

So, bipolar Pat meets crazy Tiffany. Who is beautiful, broken, and because of her husband’s passing, suffers from mood swings and the lack of understanding the norm and following it. And that’s it, they click, but crazy people clicking isn’t all flirting, rainbows, and butterflies. It’s fighting, manipulation, and bizarre truth confrontations for no reason.

 For some reason, Tiffany decides to help Pat send a message to his ex-wife Nikki and take the legal burdens this may carry with it, but in return she asks him to do one thing for her, to become her dance partner.

This film is full of sarcasm, laughter, and emotions. It’s so real that it will make you feel good because the script and plot are just extraordinary and it’s not a usual romantic film. It will take you along life’s ups and downs and tears you apart before it brings everything back together with an exciting, irrational relationship.

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