Before Sunrise - Movie review

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise - Movie review

Before Sunrise is the first film in the trilogy created by Richard Linklater who is known for his deep touching familiar films. He knows how to show intimacy in simple ways. This entire film is built on the plot of a conversation that happens between two people that only have a few hours to spend with each other and do not know if they would ever meet again. 

It sounds cliché, like some naive love at first sight tale, but I can assure you this film will definitely gain your respect even if you hate romantic screenplays. 

The film starts with Jesse, an American young man in his 20s, who meets a French girl, Celine, in Vienna on the last day of his euro trip. Over the course of around 12 hours, the couple talks while walking the streets of Vienna at night. They talk about all kinds of things, religion, politics, love, people and they share dreams, perspectives, and experiences until the break of dawn. 

They become so close throughout their conversation that they fall in love and actually make love in a park as the sun begins to rise. But then they both would have to leave, he would have to go back to America and his old life and she would have to go back home on a train.

They both decide not to share any contact information like phone numbers and they decide to keep it up to fate. They decide to meet 9 months later in the same spot and see where life takes them from there. 

It’s a beautiful, simple story that you will enjoy watching and will relate to in every way. You will get to feel their connections from the words they say and their walks around the city. You will understand their emotions and how they feel just by their looks, their body language and their choice of words. 

It’s a really good light hearted romantic comedy that you will definitely enjoy. I’d recommend that you watch all three films in a marathon because the trilogy adds up to make a beautiful yet real love story with not necessarily a very happy ending but hope for the love that would survive.

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