Before Midnight - Movie Review

Before Midnight

Before Midnight - Movie Review

The last of the romantic sequence films “Before Midnight” was made nine years after the second film, Before Sunset, Where Jesse and Celine met again in Paris after their failed attempt to meet in the same spot and time they both agreed on in the first film “Before Sunrise” which is set in Venice where they fell in love with each other in the course of a few hours.

“Before Sunrise” was a sweet romantic story in which both the actor and actress of the film, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, managed to charm us with their easy-going character portrayals and their free spirits and the outstanding script and plot.

In the second film, “Before Sunset”, the creators of the film have managed to bring them back after nine years, as familiar, intimate and easy-going as they’ll ever be and that this familiarity made it harder for them to go on with their now “determined” lives without spending the time they lost in each other’s company.

Even though Jesse was married and seemed to have his life together and it seemed harder for Celine to fully express how their time together made her want to linger there in the warmth of their endless personal conversations. And maybe how marriage mistakes could be some other story’s perfect ending but that was just a possibility.

Before midnight starts with a car ride; Jesse is driving his son, Hank, to the Airport from Greece with the other beautiful children he now shares with Celine. Jesse, like any nice father, wishes he can have more time with his Son and wants to explore the chance of them moving from Europe to Chicago so he can be with Hank and this is when their fight started. Celine started to get really anxious and reacts to his demand rejecting it and accusing Jesse of making it a must. 

The film continues to showcase that Jesse is working on a book, that they have friends that go to holidays with them where they dine, drink plenty of wine with and have real-life conversations and play around with their kids and the fact that they, just like everybody else, are trying to make sense of this random senseless daily anxiety and ongoing stresses.

With that being said, I really have to mention how beautiful, free, and delightful this couple is and that no matter how weird the situations life put them in is. They know how to communicate and get over it. 

They extend the fight and take it to a private room where they’re supposed to be having a getaway from the kids. The plot is so good, it will frustrate you as much as they frustrate each other throughout the fight. It’s real, bold, and even results in failed sexual attempts.

They talk about love, life, and the complexity of emotional states in adults goes through and any couple suffers from. This sequel is romantic, modern, and as real as it will get, you will enjoy the props, shots, and locations as much as the beautiful actors and script.

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