Before Sunset - Movie Review

Before Sunset

Before Sunset - Movie Review

This is the second film in that great romantic trilogy. Nine years after the first film was created and blew our minds, the producers finally reunited these lost lovers together and started where they left off.

What happened when they went to the train station they met? Did fate bring them together again? Did they forget about each other? This is one of the films where the story takes you to that same mood you were in when you finished Before Sunrise and put you there with the same mindset, hoping these two would make it together. 

Unfortunately, they do not meet, in that place they agreed on and they do not end up together. However, fate brings them back together. One morning, nine years later, in Paris, where Jesse is now a big shot American writer who is having a book signing/reading in a library, when all of a sudden, there she is, beautiful as ever, Celine.

Here they go again, walking down the streets of Europe, sharing thoughts, intimate feelings and reflecting on each’s experience. What I absolutely love about this film is that the plot is still unique but very different from the first film. You can definitely sense that they’re older from the way they talk, how the conversation develops, and how they deal with each other.

Except, of course, by the end of the film when Jesse decides to take the risk of being late or actually missing his flight to go up to Celine’s tiny apartment after dropping her off and decides he wants to hear one of her songs.

And it’s there, while they’re sitting down sipping cups of tea where he looks at her with a blink in his eye and I think decides not to go back home. To seize the opportunity this time and stay where he belongs, with the ones he loves. It’s cheesy but amazingly romantic in a different way. You’ll definitely love it.

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