The Terminal - Movie Review

The Terminal

The Terminal - Movie Review

Director Steven Spielberg, along with actor Tom Hanks, the great actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Stanley Tucci creates a light but deep and warm film.

They even made up a country for the movie and they named it “Krakozhia”. Hanks made up a Krakozian accent that is good and will definitely make you giggle every time he tries to explain himself in English.

The story begins with Tom Hanks, Viktor Navorski leaving his country and flying to the US, specifically New York, just so he can get something signed by a famous Jazz singer for his dad.

But the minute he stets foot in America, he learns that his country is under war and some kind of coup has erupted, leading to him being stuck in JFK Airport without a Visa to stay in the US and no flights to his homeland in Eastern Europe.

And this is where he meets Catherine Zeta-Jones, Amelia, who’s a flight attended there and made the weeks, months and time passing with Viktor stuck at the airport so much easier, lighter and warmer.

There’s only one issue; there’s this immigration officer Stanley Tucci, Frank Dixon,  who doesn’t know what to do with Viktor sleeping, eating, bathing, and flirting at his airport. He just wants him to go away, anywhere but at the airport.

Viktor struggles with money issues and Mr. Dixon’s annoying limitations but charms everybody and becomes loved everywhere in the airport. He even becomes so popular that all retail stores at the airport have the palm of Viktor’s hands hanged in all their stores, everywhere in the airport.

He falls in love with Amelia and makes her a beautiful piece of work with the help of other workers at the airport. It’s a charming romantic comedy that will make you feel good and appreciate the technical touch that was put in the film.

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