How I Met Your Mother - Season 4 - Review

How I Met Your Mother - Season 4

How I Met Your Mother - Season 4 - Review

How I Met Your Mother returns yet again with another compelling season, intertwined with love and loss and other intriguing themes. This show is mainly about the lives of five friends and their day-to-day interactions, but up until this season, the writers managed to create a storyline that is both relevant and interesting.

The season battles with more issues that we, the viewers, could go through ourselves, such as unemployment, fear of feelings/emotions, and addiction. As dark as these may seem, it is weaved in a way that is quite funny, yet thought-provoking.

That being said, the show continues to shy away from the main plot line and delve deeper and deeper into the lives of the characters themselves as well as supporting characters that come and go throughout the season/show in general.

However, since it has been illustrated in the previous season that the show aims at portraying how everything happens for a reason, it makes sense as to why we see the intricate details of the characters. This leads to showing the extent to which one thing ultimately leads to another.

The show continues to bring about other themes such as the trouble of starting a family yet portrays it in the shallowest way possible – again can be said that this only makes the show lighter, but still touching on relatable topics.

Another issue about this season (spoiler alert), is that it kept leading up to the fact that Ted and Stella were going to get married only for her to leave him at the altar. It was a good spin, and completely unexpected.

However, plot twists that are considered to be great are those in which hints are given throughout the season but are so subtle that they can be overlooked until you’ve watched it again (think Sherlock, season four).

The show did happen to show those hints, but were all hints coming from one episode only when Stella didn’t want her ex to be there. Therefore, it made it seem as though it came as an afterthought and not something that was completely planned for.

In general, this season would get a 7 out of 10 as it was not as thought-through as the rest, with less interesting storylines. Nonetheless, season 4 still manages to leave the viewer asking for more.

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