How I Met Your Mother - Season 6 - Review

How I Met Your Mother - Season 6

How I Met Your Mother - Season 6 - Review

Come another season of How I Met Your Mother, and we're still following our group of five friends, and experiencing life in New York as they do. Season six takes a more serious tone and completely takes off on a tangent.

The season starts off with a flashforward of Ted, Barney, and Lily at Barney's wedding in which Ted is the best man. As random as that scene was, it pops up again at the end of the season finale right after Barney meets his ex-girlfriend Nora, played by actress and human rights activist, Nazanin Boniadi.

It gives us the sense that maybe, just maybe there’s a chance for Barney and Nora to get together and get married, although we must ask, are they the perfect fit? We will most likely find out in the upcoming seasons.

There are quite a few things that happen with season six that are not clear in previous seasons. The errors start to increase, and they start to be obvious even for the casual viewer. For starters, we see Robin, who was previously in a relationship with Don Franke, her co-host in the show, played by Benjamin Koldyke, completely miserable after their harsh breakup.

For starters, they broke up because Don took a job that Robin had turned down to be with him. Which is completely unlike Robin’s character. We previously see her as neurotic and sometimes jealous, but never one to turn down a major job offer for a man.

Secondly, when they do break up, she turns into a complete mess. Not showering, cleaning up after herself, or anything of the character we’d grown to know and love. After her breakup with Ted, she travels to another country, after her breakup with Barney she has a little argument with him but is never as crazy as she seemed.

Major character change. But then again, we all change here and there and go out of our normal character.

Another issue was that during the show they state that Robin and Marshal had never hung out, and they decide to go on a platonic date together only to find it completely awkward.

That becomes confusing for the audience as earlier on we had seen them hanging out in Marshal’s favorite place that reminded him of home because Robin was upset, she hadn’t been able to go back to her hometown, Vancouver, Canada.

Overall this season was a bit random and all over the place, it had no clear motive, with stories created and shut down within a few episodes, and with completely altered characters midway (think Ted changing his mind about Zoey overnight).

The shorter storylines were not bad at all, it had some extremely heartfelt moments like when Marshal’s father died, and when Lily and Marshal found out they were pregnant. As a whole it did not flow as smoothly as previous seasons, so an overall 6.5/10 would be fair enough.

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