Lucifer Season 2 - Review

Lucifer Season 2

Lucifer Season 2 - Review

Season two of Lucifer premiered September 2016, and the season finale aired in May of 2017 with 18 episodes in total, 5 more than the previous episode. Last season ended with Lucifer going to hell and coming back, leaving Detective Decker confused as to how he lived after getting shot.

Lucifer is still confused as to why she is immune to his charming spell, but before he delves deeper into that, he finds out that one person, or being, has escaped from hell; his mother. 

This season starts off with a person waking up after being seemingly dead, calls out for Lucifer, but then accidentally dies again. This happens with another two bodies before finally, the “mother” of creation finds a body that is suitable for her.

All the while, Lucifer is looking for his mother in any case that he is working on with Detective Decker, without any luck. At some point, his mother, after choosing a human body, shows up at his loft drenched in blood.

Although he and his brother Amenadiel had promised to send her back to hell, they realize that she was actually the victim in the complications with their “father” and instead of sending her back, Lucifer decides to condemn her to live with the humans she so despises. 

This season is just as good as the previous season, but the one shining star is still Tom Ellis. He plays a very convincing devil who is also very charming, but with his charm and considerable acting skills comes a cast that is not up to par with him.

Lauren German, who plays Detective Chloe Decker, is seemingly robotic at times, and even with her cool exterior, the parts where she should be shocked or upset or confused are not as strong nor convincing.

Lesley-Ann Brandt who plays Mazikeen, a demon who followed Lucifer from hell, overplays some parts and can be a little comical at times. One actress that did play her part well is Tricia Helfer, who plays Charlotte, Lucifer, and Amenadiel’s mother.

Although she is a celestial being in a human body, at times failed to be convincing enough to portray that this is a mere vessel – besides that part, she plays her role as a celestial mother very well. Some scenes where she goes from completely broken to completely unaffected, are very believable, and she soon became a fan favorite. 

Generally, there was nothing spectacular this season, the writing was okay, and the storylines were on the same level as the previous season.

That would not be an issue if the previous season was done brilliantly and this lived up to it. Rather, the previous season was good but not marvelous so with this season being just that, it gets a little dull. Overall, this season gets a 7/10.

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