Lucifer Season 3 - Review

Lucifer Season 3

Lucifer Season 3 - Review

Lucifer season three premiered October 2017 and the season finale was in May 2018, with 26 episodes, which is the longest season so far. Last season ended with the sword that Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Charlotte, completed as they found each piece of it assembled.

Amenadiel in particular had several issues with assembling this “flaming sword” as he knew that Charlotte’s intention was to kill their father, or God after she slices her way into the gates of heaven.

Instead of having his mother murdered in the process, Lucifer sends his mother through the portal he has created and sends her to make an entire world of her own and the original “owner” of the body returns. The finale shows Lucifer shirtless, in a desert, and with his white wings back. 

The beginning of season three begins with an episode titled “They’re Back, Aren’t They?” in which Lucifer is talking about his wings. He chops them off again, but they keep growing back, which is confusing for both him and the audience.

The main plot of this season, however, is Chloe and Lucifer trying to track down “The Sinnerman”, who is an intimidating criminal mastermind that even Lucifer cannot takedown. 

One of the episodes that truly gave insight to what Lucifer’s previous life was about, is episode seven when Linda’s ex-husband shows up but eventually goes to hell. This is one of the interpretations people generally have about hell, and it was shown in a creative way through this episode.

The idea is, that hell is not about “burning” per se, but it is reliving your worst moments over and over again until you learn from your mistakes.

A small issue with this scene was that the acting itself was not great, but the storyline and the script were extremely intriguing.

This season, as it was prolonged, compared to previous seasons, had many ups and downs. A storyline that was interesting was the one with Sinnerman and the fact that he gouged his eyes out so as to not be affected by Lucifer’s effects.

Another interesting storyline was finding out that the head of their department, Pierce, is actually Cain from the Bible, the world’s first murderer. Many issues arise with that, but one of the biggest was the death of Charlotte Richards, which completely broke Dan and brought back Amenadiel’s angel wings.

Although Kevin Alejandro may not have shown his true potential in this show beforehand, he really did with this season, especially when he shows how hurt he was when Charlotte died.

The season three finale also gives the audience a glimpse of Lauren Germann’s potential as an actress as she finds out the truth about Lucifer – the potential was not quite visible beforehand.

Even though this season was prolonged, it could have come out as dull and stretched out, but the storylines were actually quite captivating, this season gets a rating of 9/10.

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