Lucifer Season 4 - Review

Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer Season 4 - Review

Season four of Lucifer was released on May 8th, 2019 featuring only 10 episodes. After being shut down by Fox, Netflix decided to pick it back up again and released 10 episodes. Although the finale of this season gave some sort of closure, that was only done by Netflix in case they would not pick it up for the fifth season.

However, due to petitions created by the fans, Netflix picked it up for a fifth and final season, with no official release date. 

Last season of Lucifer ended with Chloe finally discovering that Lucifer was telling the truth all along and that he really is the devil himself. She knew when she saw him turn into the devil after a battle with Cain, played by Tom Welling, and before she could get hurt, he flew her up to the roof of the building.

This season, Chloe promises that she is okay with Lucifer being the actual devil, but gasps and recoils every time his hand comes near her or touches her. 

One of the prolonged fights that occurred was between Linda and Maze who had been fighting over Amenadiel. Although, as we see through the first two seasons, that is very unlike Maze’s character. They eventually talk it out this season. Maze even apologizes to Trixie, Chloe’s daughter, and everything is seemingly good again. 

We see that Chloe was, in fact, not okay with knowing that Lucifer was the devil incarnate as she goes to a Catholic Church to try and send Lucifer back to hell. We see that her trip to Europe was basically her doing research into heaven and hell, celestial beings, and the history of the devil.

She meets a priest, however, and he convinces her that Lucifer is the biggest danger on Earth and gives her a vial to which she is supposed to give to him. Through a case they try to resolve, Lucifer proves to her that he is not the evil that she read about, especially given the number of times he had tried to save her. 

One actress that shows up is Eve, of Adam and Eve of course. Her storyline and her acting are both completely unsatisfactory, however, she does help improve and continue the priest’s storyline.

Demons roam Earth, Lucifer realizes that he needs to go back to hell and be their king again so as to not defy him and destroy the world. One of the most heartfelt moments in the entire show was towards the end as Chloe asked Lucifer not to return to hell and he says “Eve was never my first love, it was always you” and the final scene shows him on a throne in hell.

Generally, besides some awkward acting here and there and some unnecessary storylines, Netflix did Lucifer justice, and fans can only hope they will be watching the fifth and final season soon. This season gets a rating of 8/10.

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