Mad Men Season Four - Review

Mad Men Season Four

Mad Men Season Four - Review

I absolutely love this season of Mad Men, it’s smart, dramatic, and full of actions. In the previous three seasons, we got introduced to the characters and the era the series takes place.

The writers have managed to help us narrow our focus on each character in the show and at the same time notice what’s happening in the world around them and how politics and other changes in the society kept affected their well-controlled professional and personal lives. Nearly tearing it apart bit by bit, but Don Draper always finds a way around it. The question remains, will they pull everything back together, or are they really falling apart?

The fourth season of Mad Men begins with their new independent company, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and the struggle of owning a small business in Madison Avenue with just a few big clients.

However, this company had the best team possible, in season one, they called themselves, not only the best ad people in New York, but the best in the world! So, they continued to keep up with challenges and tried hard to overcome them.

Don Draper is not doing very well at keeping his shit together, his past and his failing marriage seemed to get the best of him. We see less of Betty Draper in this season, but we see her at her worst. On the other hand, Don shows up drunk to a client’s meeting and sleeps around with his secretary Allison. A total mess up, he has got the whole office talking about him and how pathetic he is.

However, the creators of the show kept bringing up the fact that this man, when inspired and in a good mood could make wonders happen. He’s a creative man who can think strategically, which helps their small agency survive Luck Strike leaving for a bit and could manage to land clients like Honda.

In this season we also get to see Peggy and Don getting closer, as they have an intimate conversation where she sees her role model breaking and is still able to absorb and handle him just like he did with her when she had that baby. But, she was even stronger and was able to create a special bond between them that will last till the end of the series.

Pete Campbell and Don Draper have always had a complicated relationship. Pete is now threatening Don to reveal all his secrets, his past as Dick Whiteman, and Don doesn’t ask him for help, he orders him instead to cover for him and guess what Pete does? He obeys, and we later get to see Draper paying him back by giving him a large amount of money when he needs it. 


Roger and Joan were moving on with their lives the last couple of seasons but still struggle with their own. This season, they give in to their desires and mess up with each other resulting in a baby which Joan decides to keep and let her husband think it’s his. This season is full of surprises that will definitely be shocking to you but will still go along with each of the characters’ storylines perfectly. It’s definitely a must-watch!

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