Mad Men Season Six - Review

Mad Men Season Six

Mad Men Season Six - Review

This season of Mad Men is actually funnier than most other seasons. The writers of the show, now comfortable with the characters, play around with their amazing dialogue by making everyone a little more sarcastic and added a little irony which will not fail to make you giggle while starring at the beautiful set and modernized clothes in this season. You can feel the series ending this season too, with only one season left for them, the writers were clearly preparing to wrap things up.

Let’s start with Don, with another failed marriage with Megan, even though he tried to come clean and tell her the truth about himself, Don cheats on Megan and they end up breaking up. Just like that, he is back to the Don we knew when we first started watching this show; lost, drunk, and basically a mess.

His daughter Sally even caught him with Sylvia, and he had to tell a pathetic little lie to his traumatized teenage daughter. However, by the end of the season he tries to be a better man and make things right with his kids by taking them to the house he grew up in and opening up about his past.

After their little independent agency lost Lane and a while after lost Peggy, it was struggling to a point where an action had to be taken. That’s when Ted Chaugh took place. Because of Don, we always perceived Ted as the bad guy, but he turned out to be a nice, smart, good manager who wants what’s best for the company and his employees.

However, his love for Peggy has made him take irrational decisions and become less focused on his goals and plans. His relationship with Peggy doesn’t last for a long time but is still very interesting to see on TV. Now that Peggy broke up with him, he has a chance to actually become something bigger in the company with Roger and Don gone!

Last season we saw Pete cheating on Trudy, motivating Joan to prostitute herself, and kept on seeing the worst of Pete. But as Trudy leaves and he becomes less important in the company bit by bit as well as lonely and insecure, he asks for help from Joan and she does give him advice and tells Peggy he is proud of what she have become.

We see less of Megan and some of Betty this season as she hooks up with Don in Bobby’s summer house and lets him taste some of the pain he used to feed her. It’s a nice season, but it feels like Don is going to replaced or is leaving and we don’t know what will that bring to the last season of this great show.

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