Sherlock - Season Four - Review

Sherlock - Season Four

Sherlock - Season Four - Review

Season Four, the final season of Sherlock is an outright emotional rollercoaster. The previous season ended on Sherlock murdering Charles Augustus Magnussen and was going to go to jail, but the finale shows how his presence was actually needed. This season has plot twists of its own as we find out that Mary was actually a part of the group AGRA, which consisted of four agents for hire.

When Watson finds out, he feels as though he is in a complicated situation as he is still in love with her but is unsure of what to do with that information. She gives birth however and they mend their patches, only for Mary to get shot at the end and die. This first episode is based on the stories of the book titled “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”. 

This season seems to have been an entire series within itself. The first episode saw the death of Mary, and the second moved on to Sherlock battling yet again another powerful adversary, Culverton Smith.

This episode is based on the story from the book with a similar name “The Adventure of the Dying Detective” which is a story that is told quite early in the books. The third episode, however, titled “The Final Problem” is also based on a story of the same title, and tells the tale of the final problem that Sherlock faces to date.

This final episode is not only chilling and suspenseful, but it is also the longest episode of them all, equaling the length of most movies. The Final problem delves deeper into Sherlock’s past life and the memories he had suppressed, only to find out that he in fact has a sister that he had forgotten.

This episode on its own is a whole whirlwind and shows the audience that even with Sherlock’s fantastic capabilities of deduction, we were not able to notice that we had seen his sister quite a few times during this season.

For sheer creativity, this season is enthralling, to say the least. Yet the ending was not as impressive as the previous seasons. The idea that his sister just needed to be loved turned up the emotional level of this series from a mere 20% all the way up to 100% which seemed quite confusing and unnecessary.

This season could have gotten a high rating of 9/10, yet, due to the unusual ending, it falls a point further as this did not give the closure the audience needed.

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