Aquaman - Movie Review


Aquaman - Movie Review

After several decades of comic book appearances and character remodels, Aquaman finally gets his own film in the third installment of the DC cinematic universe. Notably, Jason Momoa had already made his Aquaman debut, when he appeared in Batman V Superman and Justice League.

James Wan, the horror film master behind movies like Saw and The Conjuring, is the directing eye for Aquaman. Ironically, this is by far the lightest hearted movie in the franchise. To an extent, this aided in the revival of DC’s image as not just a company that makes surprisingly gloomy superhero movies. True, their darker approach was their signature move when Snyder was in charge, but Wan made drastic changes.

 The story starts off with Arthur (Momoa) being the badass superhero he is, and saves a cargo ship from pirates, where he makes his first mortal enemy of the movie. The plot then starts to unfold, bringing about underwater creatures trying to gain control of the world, and as you've probably guessed, Aquaman is the only thing standing in their way.

The film is overly long and predictable (as superhero movies always are) and its second half is more distinguished than the first, because that's when the advent of CGI really kicks in, and the story intensifies.

That being said, Wan and the company made a huge success in avoiding clichés professionally. They concentrated on character development and results, production design, clothing and technical aspects rather than being lost in the nuances of the plot.

After all is said and done, we can't deny the fact that this film is an actual step forward for the DC cinematic universe. It is a decent first installment for the Aquaman series, but the truth is told, it had its moments when it went overboard, but when it did, it was tolerable.

It looks like someone might have finally pointed out to DC that superhero movies aren’t supposed to be so gloomy. Aquaman can actually be considered an overcorrection. 

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