Birds Of Prey - Movie Review

Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Birds Of Prey - Movie Review

I’m beginning to think of the people that make these DCEU films enjoy making us sad. People were on the Harley Quinn wagon hard after suicide squad, mostly because of Margot Robbie. You would think this makes it easy now to set up this film to succeed. 

I thought the same. So, a seemingly all-girl cast, with a female director, and a seemingly gay villain… and yet, the film couldn’t live up to its potential. Let me be clear here, my issue isn’t with the talent, rather the intent. 

If the film is trying to push any agenda other than Harley’s story, then it failed. Why was every male character depicted as a jerk? Well, let’s put all that aside and examine the film differently. Was it original? Hardly. Was it funny? Barely. Was it badass? Not at all. They missed their mark with humor and depicted Huntress in an unflattering light and that doesn’t bode well to the future of the Birds of Prey. 

The plot did almost nothing to further the Harley Quinn character either. You introduced her in another film, so this was a wasted opportunity to develop the character. Weak story aside, the film making itself was frustrating to me. Why was it so colorful and cheerful? Was this not Gotham? Where’s the dark, grimy singe of the crime-infested city? The soundtrack was lackluster. The acting was acceptable. And the story relatively inconsequential. 

You could’ve skipped this film and continued with the DCEU without missing a beat, and in hindsight, maybe I should have. The story and characters are still redeemable. They just need to take a good, long, hard look at it and do better. Find the right vibe, make me care about the characters, and focus on the essence of the story.

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