Friends - Season 8- Review

Friends - Season 8

Friends - Season 8- Review

This season of friends is good. It’s the best season for Rachel -her actress won an Emmy award for it and she did an outstanding performance but unfortunately, and I don’t know if this is just me but this season is not the best one ever made. That doesn’t mean that it’s not going to make you laugh, it will but I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed other seasons throughout the show. To be fair the sitcom did win many awards for this season.

It starts off with all of the friends uniting together to try and find out who’s the father of Rachel’s baby and they do, guess who is it? It’s pretty obvious, I know. Who else could it be other than Ross?

Maybe I am just annoyed by the fact that Rachel is so insecure and confused about her pregnancy, which she portrays beautifully. She and Joey mistakenly have a thing together and it’s not only heartbreaking to see Joey breaking his own heart and breaking Ross’ heart too because she allowed her confusion to affect their relationship. In real life, this could have broken the group apart and it was really weird and… boring.

You could have made them both have a thing throughout the 8 seasons instead of making a huge deal out of her relationship with Ross and even when it doesn’t work out she still ends up having his babies and fooling around with one of his best friends in later seasons. I’ve got to admit that Joey was super cute too but really emotional for the first time with the wrong girl; it was just frustrating to watch.

Rachel’s struggle with motherhood was great and Ross finding out about them was one of the funniest things that happened on the show. Monica and Chandler struggle to make friends with other couples which they really want to have but they return from their honeymoon only to find out that those friends gave them a “fake number”. In this particular episode, there’s a videotape that is pretty interesting and extremely hilarious.

Monica is a big Chef now that has bigger career problems than she ever had throughout the show, real ones like critics and stuff. There’s also a really fun Halloween episode where Monica gets famous for her Candy and they all throw a really memorable Halloween party.

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