Friends - Season Seven- Review

Friends - Season Seven

Friends - Season Seven- Review

This season has some of the best episodes ever for this beloved all-time favorite Sitcom.

This season Monica and Chandler are getting married and that’s not the only big and exciting event happening; Rachel is pregnant too and we spend a whole episode trying to find out who the father is but who are we kidding? If one of the pair that make up “the” couple in friends is having a baby, who could the father possibly be?

The first episode is about friendship in my opinion. Rachel finds out that Chandler steals this Cheesecake from a neighbor and claims that it’s the best cheesecake in the world.

Even though Rachel thinks this is weird and decides to help him find out where the Cheesecake came from so he can stop stealing it and start buying it, she ends up doing the same thing he is doing and becomes as obsessed with the cheesecake as Chandler is. Joey later joins them after they both fought over it and made a mess.

In this episode, Monica is off to celebrate her engagement to chandler but Rachel steals her thunder by semi reuniting with Ross and they get into this huge hilarious fight.

In this season, we also get to see Joey and Rachel get closer as well but he steals one of her favorite books to read and ends up loving it. But the book makes him all feminine and romantic which is odd for Joey and very funny for us to see.

We also get to know more about Rachel’s life and her father as she teaches Joey how to sail a boat but every time she does, her personality transforms into this abusive personality which makes her realize she is turning into her father and is pretty hilarious as well.

One of my favorite things about this season is Phoebe's cookies. So Phoebe makes her grandmother’s amazing cookies but ends up losing the recipe and gets really sad about it so Monica helps her and they end up making like 20 different batches of cookies just to get the recipe again.

Another hilarious episode is Monica and Chandler’s engagement picture. We discover that chandler is incapable of taking pictures, he can’t help but make weird faces every time someone tries to take his picture.

This season is full of events like Joey’s chair Rosita getting broken and Monica tries to hide the fact that she broke it from him. And this season has a great Christmas episode but where Ross tries to teach his son Ben about Chanukah and wears a holiday Armadillo. It’s pretty funny.

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