The Truman Show - Movie Review

The Truman Show

The Truman Show - Movie Review

This is one of the most eye-opening films of all time. It will leverage on your existential crisis and leave you wondering if your life is real. The storyline is exquisite, the plot is extraordinary and the script is brilliant.

The great Jim Carey has done an extraordinary job with his performance, and you will find it hard to focus on anything else. The film was made with the cusp of reality shows, as the most interesting, time-consuming thing for a TV audience of all time.

Truman Burbank is the star of a reality show, it’s all about him 24/7. You can start your day with Truman and end it with him if you want, people were watching him all over the world, its Jim Carrey, and he will make sure you’re not bored, it makes sense.

Truman somehow gets really bored and starts to question his own existence, he then begins to notice all these weird repetitive loops.

Something I think every sentient being must go through every once in a while, look at your life, notice the routine and freak out a little then decide whether you want to do something about it or not.

Truman being a fun guy with an insurance agent’s life notices one day that he sees someone that looks like his father. A father whose loss really affected Truman and touched his audience and the story peaks when he discovers that his father, girlfriend and his entire world is fake!

It is one big studio and his family and friends are just actors. Truman was the only real thing in the “reality show” and starts discovering it “on-air” with millions of people watching.

And as the system, being the creator and director of Truman’s reality show tries to push him back to stop him from realizing the truth or persuade him into understanding that what he has is so much better than what could happen to him in the “real world”.

It’s a beautifully made film and every sentence has so many meanings you can watch it a million times and appreciate its genius every single time.

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