The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Movie Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Movie Review

Ben Stiller is by far one of the most famed artists in Hollywood -no way around it. While he might’ve always been closer to the B-list category as an actor, he managed to make a name for himself for iconic comic roles in fan favorites like the Meet the Parents trilogy, Zoolander, and The Heartbreak Kid.

That being said, there is no denying the fact that Ben Stiller is one hell of a director. With movies like Tropic Thunder and The Cable Guy on his directorial resume, he has definitely proved to be an Actor/Director that should be revered.

Furthermore, his latest movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty might be serious, but it still has that signature Stiller goofiness all over it. He also directs and stars in this one, and to an extent, it might be one of the best, if not the best movie of his career.

While at one point Stiller dominated the romcom genre, that never really got him the critical acclaim he deserves, this movie did. Despite it being a bit rough on the edges, it truly is an enjoyable watching experience.

This movie is a bit heavier than the usual Ben Stiller lightheartedness, given how it ponders on the work/life balance conundrum.

Walter is an office drone whose life is nothing but the monotonous routine of work, home and secretly crushing on office babe Cheryl Melhof. His only way out of this dull life is his unparalleled imagination that fuels really graphic and exciting daydreams.

The story is set in motion after his job becomes threatened by the new manager, which leads him to blaze a trail for a real romantic journey that will have him gripping for his life. This is ultimately a story about how the most exciting things to happen are just one decision away.

Finally, there is one quote in this movie that should motivate you to watch it right now, “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”- Walter Mitty.

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