Kat Von D Products Review

Kat Von D Products

Kat Von D Products Review

The tattoo reality show, Miami Ink, was the first step to set Kat apart from other artists and pushed her to start her own show LA Ink. From a daughter of Argentinian immigrants, who spent her early years without running water, to a famous tattoo artist and a brand owner with a net worth that stands between $10 million and $15 million.

While Kat Von D, was hugely recognized as an extremely talented tattoo artist, her beauty brand was not as famous at the beginning. Soon after, Kat managed to spread the word about her makeup line, and it was not always due to its quality.

Kat managed to make a lot of enemies in the beauty world, some of which were her best friends until she allegedly stabbed them in the back. Even though her makeup line was widely loved because it has some over-the-top products that remain essential in many people’s makeup collection to this day, her 15 minutes of fame in the beauty world quickly came to an end during the first month of 2020.

The tattoo liner and some liquid lipstick shades were quickly called favorites from nearly everyone who tried them. However, as people started becoming more aware and determined to spend money where their morals are, Kat as the face of the brand had to step down and sell KVD to Kendo.

After this brief history lesson about Kat, it’s time to dive into her products quickly to give you an idea of what to skip and what is actually worthy of your money.

Lock-It Featherweight Primer

Kat only released one edition of the primer, which is more suitable for dry and combination skin. The primer is water-based, oil-free, and extremely hydrating, so it might not be the best fit for people with oily skin. However, the primer works like magic, especially when it's combined with the foundation from the same line.

It helps your product to stay intact for longer hours without having to do any touch-ups. The primer deserves an 8 out of 10 because it does not irritate the skin or clog pores, yet the missing two points are for neglecting fans with oily skin.

Lock-It Foundation

If you are a fan of natural-looking air-brushed foundation finish, then this foundation might not be the best for you. It all depends on the application process, yet this foundation tends to look more “cakey”.

On the plus side, the foundation is perfect for someone who wants coverage without having to worry about their foundation moving for more than 15 hours for dry skin and about 9 to 10 hours for oily skin types. The foundation has an extreme matte-finish, which is why it is much better to combine it with a primer to add some hydration and a bit of shine to it. Overall, I think the foundation deserves a maximum of 6 out of 10.

Lock It Concealer Crème

Kat cosmetics perfected the lock it concealer crème formula. The concealer wears well as it shows little to no skin texture. Even though it comes with high coverage, it is still lightweight and does not irritate the skin by any means.

Whether you have dark circles or deep blue circles, you can rest assured that this concealer has you covered without drying out the sensitive area around the eyes. This product deserves a solid 10 out of 10.

Shade and Light palette

This palette comes with 6 different shades for contouring and highlighting that suit different skin tones. At the top of the palette, there are three light shades that can be used for highlighting or cleaning your contour. At the bottom, there are three darker shades that can be used for bronze and contour to add definition to your skin. The palette comes in handy for different purposes.

The formula is more on the powdery dryish side that blends like a dream and sets your makeup perfectly. The palette deserves an 8 out of 10 as it doesn’t crease nor cake.

Since nearly everyone has agreed on Kat’s lip liquids and tattoo liner, this review focused on other products to give you an overview of what to expect from the brand. The holy grails of the products mentioned earlier were, without a doubt, the concealer and the shade light palette. Since the brand has been somehow consistent, it overall deserves an 8 out of 10 for its quality.

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