Grey’s Anatomy Season Eight - 2012 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Eight - 2012

Grey’s Anatomy Season Eight - 2012 - Review

Season seven of Grey’s Anatomy was eventful, yet not overwhelming. It ended with Meredith basically kidnapping Zola, and Alex, after he had tattled on her, taking Zola and pretended to have been treating her so that the social worker does not take Zola away.

The social worker however takes Zola anyways and Meredith gets fired after tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial. Richard Webber realizes that the reason that Meredith tampered with the files was for his wife’s sake and decides to take the fall for Meredith so she can return back to work. With that, he resigns as chief of surgery, not only for Meredith, but for his wife as he refuses to send her to a care home. 

One of the things that got the audience confused about Adele Webber’s case was that it was the same thing that had happened to Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother. Richard had cheated on Adele with Ellis, and Ellis got Alzheimer’s and died.

Then again, we see another love interest of Richard’s get the same illness, and we see Richard suffering for it. It was quite unoriginal and repetitive, and although Rhimes may have wanted to show the irony in such a matter, it was just an uninteresting storyline, especially that the audience never truly connected with Adele Webber, and creating a repetitive storyline for her was not any better either. It was nice though to see how Webber would have reacted if he had in fact stayed with Ellis.

With all the complications that arose when Meredith worked with Derek in neuro, she decides that the best thing for their marriage is for her to leave neuro and find another specialty, another tangent taken by Meredith. We see her going to pediatrics, cardio, and several others, before she decides to take the route her mother did and go for general surgery. 

An extremely emotional moment that occurs in season eight is when Teddy Altman, chief of cardio, played by Kim Raver, falls for a patient, they get married, and he eventually dies. At some point, he goes into surgery and she asks for Cristina, who had just barely returned to work, to operate on him without her knowing it was Teddy’s husband, and she fights with Owen for not letting her know beforehand. 

Finally, the season ends with an extremely devastating moment as several doctors including Arizona, Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Lexie, and Mark. Lexie, who had been fans favorites, dies in the crash.

Mark gets cardiac tamponade, Derek nearly loses his hand, and Arizona loses a leg. Again, Shonda decides to end this season on a major cliffhanger, but generally, it was written well. Even though some parts were repeated, like Alzheimer’s or Cristina getting another abortion, there were some exciting scenes that left the audience wanting more. This season gets a rating of 7.5/10.

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