Grey’s Anatomy Season Ten - 2014 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Ten - 2014

Grey’s Anatomy Season Ten - 2014 - Review

The 10th season of Grey’s Anatomy premiered September 2013 and ended in May 2014. This season has 24 episodes, which is the usual count unlike other seasons which sometimes only had 21 or 22. The previous season ended on an unforgiving storm, and Meredith nearly bleeding out, before Bailey saves her life. 

This season sees more deaths, as one of the interns, Heather, hits her head while trying to find Dr. Richard Webber. She dies in surgery as Derek is operating on her, and Shane, a fellow intern feels extremely guilty as he was the one who told her to go down there. This part was dismissed early on and Shane moves on to do more surgeries. 

A new character named Jimmy Evans shows up and Alex realizes that that is in fact his drug addict father. This does not end well, and Alex eventually punches his father after trying to bond with him for a little while. This was a great part as we got to see another aspect of Alex’s childhood, and why and how his character became the way it is. 

The storyline of April is on a rollercoaster on its own as she is with Jackson, then leaves Jackson, then is about to marry Matthew Taylor, a paramedic in Grey Sloan, but then leaves Matthew at the altar to be with Jackson again. Her story seems like a not well thought out sub plot ,and keeps going back and forth with no proper fundamentals to her character.

One part in the show that got audience angry was the fact that Cristina was nominated for a Harper Avery award, but due to her involvement with the hospital and the hospital’s involvement with the Avery Foundation, she didn’t win the award. This caused characters and the audience to be angry as it was not fair that she loses given that her research was much better than others. 

In general, the writing in this season was not up to par with other seasons. The cinematography however was much better than earlier seasons. The storylines fell short and the dialogue was not as creative as it used to be.

Some storylines are rushed in order to get to the next ones, and no real or captivating emotions are really seen here even when Cristina was leaving the show by the end of the season to be head of cardio in a hospital in Zurich. Alex also leaves but tries to work with his colleagues every now and again, but generally, nothing really exciting occurs other than Cristina completely leaving the show for good. Overall, this season gets a rating of 6.5/10.

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