Grey’s Anatomy Season Six (2010) - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Six (2010)

Grey’s Anatomy Season Six (2010) - Review

Season five of Grey’s Anatomy ended on one of the most emotional scenes fans had ever seen. A man was crushed trying to save a woman and later we find out that that man was none other than George O’Malley when he writes 007 on Meredith’s hands.

Simultaneously, Izzie’s blood pressure drops, and although she signs a do not resuscitate, Alex decides to try and save her regardless, along with Cristina, Dr. Bailey, and Dr. Richard Webber.

There is an extremely shocking cliffhanger at the end of the season as we see a hallucination of Izzie in an elevator meeting George, and we are not sure what will happen to them. Season six starts with us finding out that Izzie made it, but mourning George’s death who was actually killed off the show due to issues with the actor himself. 

Regardless of the death being extremely sudden due to complications, the death was actually done very well, and it portrayed how people could die in the blink of an eye without warning.

As Meredith’s voiceover states, “Did you remember to tell them that you loved them?”, the scene is extremely emotional and touched many of the fans. Alex Karev is shown frustrated and crying as Izzie is fighting for her life, and again, Chambers shows that he is truly a very skilled actor.

Season six sees some difficulties between Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Richard Webber as the board wanted to oust Webber as Chief and replace him with Shepherd. Those complications do not last very long, and Richard Webber decides to merge Seattle Grace, with Mercy West hospital, and more cast members show up.

By the end of the season, however, one of the most traumatic moments in the show arises as a man, Gary Clark who had just lost his wife and shoots most of the newcomers. He also shoots Alex and Derek, and throughout this episode, we see that Lexie had indeed fallen for Alex after breaking up with Mark Sloan.

Derek fights for his life, and Cristina tries to operate on him, but Gary Clark shows up in the OR and points the gun at her and forces her to stop operating. In this emotional scene, Meredith Grey ultimately tells Clark to shoot her instead, but Dr. Owen steps in and tries to throw him off balance. 

This season saw an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, especially with the finale being extremely nerve-wracking. All the characters were deeply affected, and the cast members did not fail to show that emotion. Although it can be argued that Ellen Pompeo is rather robotic at times, the scene where she tells Clark to shoot her instead was very well performed. This season takes an overall 8.5/10.

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