Grey’s Anatomy Season Five (2009) - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Five (2009)

Grey’s Anatomy Season Five (2009) - Review

Season five of Grey’s Anatomy picks off after Meredith had built Derek a house of candles and asked him to be with her. She makes a huge speech, but he leaves and tells her that he will be back, and we only get to see them together again in season five as things begin to unravel from there.  

Given the fact that this is a medical show and the main characters are the doctors, it is only fitting that each of the characters experiences some sort of ailment throughout the seasons. In this season, we learn that Izzie had not fully recovered from Denny’s death in season three and starts seeing Denny and talking to him even though he was merely a figment of her imagination.

She decides not to tell anyone throughout the season, but he reappears at the end and she decides to tell Alex though he brushes it off as normal and moves on. The idea that she had something wrong mentally and was brushed off, is one theme that Shonda Rhimes was able to show in a creative way.

The audience later discovers that that was not a mental illness, rather possibly something physically wrong, and she decides to get a brain scan only to find out that she, in fact, has a tumor.

At that point, Alex and Izzie had been dating for a while and he beats himself over the fact that he had not realized earlier that there was something wrong with her even though he is a doctor. Here Justin Chambers continues to shine as an actor, as he develops from a character that was once hated to one of the audience’s favorites. 

All throughout Izzie receiving chemo, she decides to plan the wedding for Meredith and Derek, as Derek had proposed mid-season. However, as the cast brilliantly portrays, they do not feel like Izzie will make it, and Meredith and Derek decide to throw that wedding that Izzie had been planning for herself and Alex, which is extremely heart-warming but with one issue.

With each season, we see Izzie falling in love with someone completely different. In season three it had been Denny Duquette, season four was George O’Malley, and now in season five, she is ready to get married to Alex Karev. Call it a dying woman’s last wish or call it a change of heart, this still seems to be completely sudden and again not built up properly.

The only characters that are done justice in that regard are Meredith and Derek as their romance is built and even stretched in some scenarios. Nonetheless, many scenes were extremely heartfelt and emotional, and the season does not fail to make the audience interested in what is to come next. The season gets a rating of 7.5/10.

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