Grey’s Anatomy Season Seven (2011) - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Seven (2011)

Grey’s Anatomy Season Seven (2011) - Review

Season seven of Grey’s Anatomy starts off and continues to be a recovery from the season six finale. Richard Webber continues to recover from alcoholism, Meredith tries to recover from her miscarriage, Cristina is trying but fails to recover from having a gun pointed right at her while operating, and of course, all those from Mercy West are still trying to recover from all the friends they have lost in that episode. Overall, 11 characters died in that shooting, and it seems as though Shonda Rhimes herself thought to give the audience a break this season as well. 

Off the bat, we see Derek driving at an extremely fast speed after recovering from the shot, only to resign as chief and have Richard Webber take over. We see throughout the last season, as well as this season, that he disliked being in management and missed feeling the rush of the OR, hence the fast driving.

That was a little off character, but given that he had just gotten shot, it is only fitting that he does something quite extreme such as this one. 

The most affected character from the shooting the fans get to see is Cristina Yang. She hesitates to go into any operating room, and when she does, a surgical item is dropped and makes an abrupt noise, to which we find Cristina hiding under a table and unable to get up. That was dubbed as a brilliant portrayal of post-traumatic stress disorder, and both Sandra Oh and Shonda Rhimes take credit for that.

Cristina does decide to quit, however, and even though she and Owen had just gotten engaged, she still does not share her feelings or what she is going through with him, which is very Cristina-like. She gets a job as a bartender for a while before she decides by the end of the season to get back to surgery. 

Other events arise such as Mark wanted to get back together with Lexie, but he constantly treats her like a lost cause after the shooting incident which Lexie is uncomfortable with. Arizona and Callie break up in an airport when Callie realizes she does not want to go to Malawi.

Finally, one of the key events that occur in this season is Adele Webber, Richard’s wife, gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and Meredith tampers with the clinical trial that Derek is conducting so that she can get the treatment instead of placebo. She gets tattled on by Alex as he battles for chief resident, and she almost loses the child that she and Derek were trying to adopt. 

Overall, this season was a bit of a breather from the previous season, but it was still done well, and some sensitive incidents were both written and played excellently. This season gets an overall rating of 8.5/10.

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