Grey’s Anatomy Season Eleven - 2015 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Eleven - 2015

Grey’s Anatomy Season Eleven - 2015 - Review

Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy features an extra episode more than the usual 24 It premiered in September  2014 and ended in May 2015. Many themes arise this season such as love, loss, friendship, and relationships, but more than ever, this season comes with a lot of thought-provoking scenes. Season 10 sees Cristina off to Zurich, and we see Meredith in this season trying to cope without her. 

As usual, Meredith starts being hostile towards Maggie, her half-sister, but begins to let her in her circle as well, like she did with Lexie in previous seasons. The insert of a new character, who is also her sister, is a bit surprising and seemed repetitive and trying hard to keep the narrative of Meredith having a half sister alive. Although the plot is not new, Maggie’s character, played by Kelly McCreary, is interesting enough, even though she too is a prodigy like Lexie once was. 

One theme that was highlighted in this season was divorce and couples counseling. This was shown through Callie and Arizona’s marriage as they tried to work through it with a counselor.

This was new, given that nothing like this had ever been shown, especially showing them going through days and months of not speaking or having a sexual relationships. When they finally work out their issues, Callie realizes that she had been trying too hard and ends the relationship once and for all.

Another theme that is shown is the loss of a child after birth through Jackson and April’s relationship. This was a heartbreaking moment and April, played by Sarah Drew, performs impeccably, contrary to previous seasons, and is a true representation of what someone who has lost their child can go through. 

One of the biggest surprises of Grey’s Anatomy this season is the death of Derek Shepherd in a car accident, which ironically leaves him brain dead. Meredith decides to up and leave Seattle for three months without telling anyone where she is or when she is coming back with her three children.

The episode titled “How to Save a Life” is one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the entire series as many viewed Derek as a vital character. The irony however was that Meredith’s reaction was quite subtle and not at all like the Meredith who had volunteered herself to get shot when Gary Clark had appeared to shoot Derek back in season six. 

This season was not overly dramatic like other seasons, it was a bit more low-key, while still displaying important themes in an interesting way. This season is one of the most viewed seasons, yet many fans decided not to continue the show afterwards as they thought it would be pointless without Derek. For interesting themes and new surprises, this season get a controversial rating of 8.5/10.

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